Thursday, January 20, 2005

'They' just shot her parents

18th of January - Iraq: this kid and her siblings were orphaned courtesy of the US army at a checkpoint, just in time for the Eid al-Adha (the most important Muslim feast - more on that later). I guess 'they' have made a lifelong friend...and don't let me get started on the abuse/torture photos again. Go watch the whole sequence here on BBC ..warning it is graphic for the faint of heart.


stefania said...

What about your Master Qaddhafi ?

Yes, he's soo "nice" with his opponents...

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid for this poor child, but why her parents didn't stop at the check-point?

Highlander said...

Well 'anonymous' I don't know why her parents did not stop at the checkpoint, obviously they were not terrorists. My guess is perhaps it is their country and you get fed up after awhile having to stop for an occupier alien in your own homeland even though he carries a big gun..but I'm getting far from the subject.

As for you Stefania, what are you talking about, and what has your question got to do with my post or did it make you feel guilty?

Anonymous said...

I add my voice to Stefania.

a few years ago your master butchered around 1600 persons in a prison in cold blood.
can you talk about that?