Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Music band in Libya ..

It seems that a US rock band "the heavenly states' has started a short tour in Libya, well I'm not sure about how famous or good these people are because I'm more of a fan or Gun's & Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden,Steve Vai etc.. , so I'd appreciate if any of the readers could give me some info .

The only western concert I ever attended in Libya was in 2003, it was a German group, and it was held at the Sabratha ruins. I still have the photos stashed somewhere so if I find them I 'll put one up in my update.

update 8/2/05

Well it seems they won't be singing there yet : " Brisbane music manager Eugene Bari has failed in his bid to bring rock 'n' roll to Libya, after a visa mix-up scuttled a tour by US indie band the Heavenly States.The Heavenly States, a Californian band, arrived in Libya on February 1 to play three concerts. The fact that the band's lyrics have a dose of rhetoric criticising US President Bush was not officially mentioned as a possible reason behind the cancellation of the the concerts. [ABC]"


Anonymous said...

They're not a nationally known group. I personally never heard of them. I did a quick Google search and found their web site:


Anonymous said...

i really feel sorry cuz i never heard of it and tthere was no good publication or any thing like that during the time of the concert ..actually i donnu if it was ever plyed but i and the ppl here appreciate and welcome any type of concerts in here i hope there will be more of them