Monday, February 28, 2005

Tel Aviv blast

Whilst I deplore the tragic death of the nightclub revelers I can't help but think who would benefit from this latest blast. I had to read the whole article so please do so as well and see if we come to the same conclusion. If not please correct me or convince me otherwise, I am sincerely open to suggestions, because this bombing does not make sense.

Here is a sample: 'Israel has already announced it is freezing plans to hand over control of five West Bank towns to Palestinian security forces, which had been promised after the 8 February summit in Egypt. '

My armchair analysis: even though the suicide bomber was Palestinian, I would not put it past the Israelis, 2 birds for one stone, always look who gains most. They gain, by continuing to blame Syria and preparing the audience for a retaliatory air raid and by changing their mind about pulling out of West Bank which is unpopular with settlers and also they can keep saying 'oh we want peace but it's the Arabs who don't'. Sounds far fetched? No that's how dealings in the ME are - no direct line , that would be too easy.


AK said...

Libyan, I know it was just an armchair analysis

But I have to disagree on this point as although some people in isreal do not want peace they would be more likely to try to assasinate one of the leaders of the militant groups rather than kill their own people and no palestinian would become a suicide bomber to help isreal

As for who I think did it there is a strong possibility that syria did it to try to distract attention from the death of rafik hariri or possibily hezbollah which is rumoured to be trying to disrupt the peace by paying palestinians to be suicide bombers. Also it seems that the syrian group islamic jihad is claiming it did it. Will have to wait and see whether peace will still be possible

Highlander said...

Yes I concurr with you on that, however the theory I was trying to explain is that although no Israeli would be a suicide bomber he could pose as an Palestinian or get in contact with a would be martyr and instruct this person to do this mission it happens all the time in international know double agents , double crossing etc...It's not as if the Israelis have not killed their own for a certain purpose... ( well it may be far fetched but I'm just trying to brainstorm here ). I still don't think it is Syria, Syria does not need to get into this mess, and I still don't think Syria did the Hariri murder. For Hariri my hunch is Jumblatt, for Tel Aviv ...I really don't know anymore, still I expect most people will be thinking like you Alan which is the most logic solution, however in the ME nothing follows logic, politcs have a life of their own ..very sad indeed.

AK said...


I also find it strange that syria would assasinate Hariri, as it was completely counter their own interests, but sometimes groups can do that if they dont think far enough ahead. I personally suspect it was an al qaeda or a similarly linked group but I posted already on my blog about that.

ALso what is Jumblatt, for Tel Aviv, is it an isreali group or terror group never heard of it

Highlander said...

Jumblatt is the surname of a Lebanese politicians who had a serious fallout with Hariri,but is now riding the wave and professing to hold Hariri's views. Very briefly Jumblatt's militia wrecked havoc in the Lebanese civil war, it was the Syrians who basically saved the Christian's 'ass'in Lebanon. I'll try to locate the analyses someone made of the whole thing to give you a 101 on the whole Lebanon affair, but I don't promise to have it immediately ok? please bear with me on that.:)

Anonymous said...


Do you think that the conspiracy theorists who believe that the Italian journalist conspired with her captors so that they could get publicity and money, and then tricked the US into shooting her are crackpots? If you do, then I would like for you to know that this sort of armchair analysis smacks of the same sort of illogic and is beneath a woman of your intellect and clarity.


Louise said...

Bridget, speaking of conspiracy theories and Sgrena babe, you should read my post at Sandmonkey's blog I think I've got a winner. Makes more sense than the various theories being offered about the checkpoint shooting anyway. I think I've found a way to make money, in fact. Believable Conspiracy Theories Inc. For those too stupid to come up with one themselves.
Prices vary. Call 1-555-2stupid. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bridget, I did not understand your question, please rephrase it in simple English for me. Did you mean this: Are conspiracy theorists crazy? Reply : NO and do I believe in conspiracy theories? Reply : NO as well. I wanted to demonstrate how complicated ME politics are and that everything could be plausible, but you have to widen your perspective. That does not mean I am necessarily correct though.