Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Footsteps in the snow

I've been exposed to one of the coldest weeks in the UK this winter (which means I'm in the UK now for those who are interested), so the photo above is my contribution to this lot here. I will make the most of it as this is not a familiar site in Libya ( though it does exeptionally snow in Libya sometimes). Yippee ...signing off to go and walk in this fairytale world.


AK said...

Lucky you in Libya, here it is snowing right now after a few days of relatively mild weather temp crossing 6 C

also how is the weather in libya just now, here it is getting chillier again, probably below freezing again tonight


Highlander said...

I know it's snowing here, I'm right in the middle of it :). Actually this winter in Libya has been extremely cold though it shows signs of an increase in temperature these last few days.But yes we are luckier there in terms of having more sunny days and a long long summer.

Hannibal said...

Here as well we had lots of snow yesterday! and we expect more on Monday. Anyway hope u are enjoying your time on the other side of the ocean:)

Hannibal Barca

Highlander said...

thanks Hannibal I sure will, I'm bridesmaid at a friend's wedding so should be tons of fun :)