Sunday, February 13, 2005

Rating attractiveness

Interesting I was reading this article on the BBC Men with feminine faces will be luckier in love as most women are attracted to them rather than masculine men, Liverpool University scientists say . This guy may have a point I admit.
Now my idea of a purely physical attractive man are these two specimens below. I am not talking about other factors which can influence a girl's choice like intelligence, wit, education, culture , love don't bash me ok ;) I wonder what these choices say about me? lost between the East & the West, can you notice any similarities or is it all the fault of Valentine's Day ?

Islamic mythical hero

Brad Pitt in Troy


smokey spice said...

Not the Brad Pitt-fall Highlander! lol... the only similarity between the two photos is that both are rugged yet 'pretty' masculinity. I think it means we have similar taste. ;) yalla highlander.

Hannibal said...

I read your blog with real interest. As part of my literary researches on masculinity and femininity in western literature and mainly in Henry James novels I came to the conclusion that humans are "androgynous" by nature, ie, having masculine and feminine genes that differ from one person to another. Anyway coming to the photos you posted I agree that Brad Pitt is quite "masculine" yet with a touch of femininity, the second one which I guess is a portrait of Hussain, son of Ali Bin Abi Talib, raises a lot of questions especially about the representation of prophets and their kins through painting. I hope I am not wrong.