Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Nightmares revisited

I woke up pretty shaken this morning , my recurrent nightmare is back after almost 2 years, to the extent that I thought it had gone. Well it's taunting me back with its horrible scary head, I can taste the same fear, the smell of battleground and hear the voices of my dead or injured People ...another bloodbath in the Middle-East, this time its not Iraq, and it's not Palestine. I hope I'm wrong, especially that there has been some encouraging news of a truce to be announced between Israel and Palestine. I can't seem to find any comfort anywhere..


AlanK said...

Have hope libyan

things seem to be going in the right direction most places, elections successful in iraq, ceasefires from both isreal and palestine, pledges for elections in jordan and poss saudi arabia (nice if muttawa is able to blog again, miss his good humour). Also diplomacy is now being accepted to pressure iran to end the nuclear programme and end this destablising issue

also best thing for nightmares is to know, they have no power unless you let them


Highlander said...

Thank you Alan for your message of hope.

Robert Micallef said...

Sorry to hear about your nightmares. The state of the world as it is today, it's not easy to find comfort zones.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope this is the end of it (your nightmare). InshaAllah Hada Had Essaw my friend


Anonymous said...

thanks Robert and DM...by the way DM you can see from what happened in Beirut that it means هذا مش حده ربك يستر وخلاص