Monday, December 19, 2005

Libya and the World Heritage

You love your country and you know it is beautiful and contains wonderful and magical site, yet because you live in it you are used to the presence of these treasures on a day to day basis. So once in a while when you think deeply about it you realise how lucky indeed you are .
I am one of these people and have at times taken for granted all the gorgeous yet familiar landmarks in Libya.
I would like to share the most recognised of them international. Did you know that there are at least 5 registered UNESCO world heritage sites in Libya?

Many bloggers such as Khadijateri , Fatimaslibya, Redenclave, have shown their photos of some of these place. But if you want more here is an official site, with tons of photos and relevant links.

If you have been to Libya ages ago or recently, have photos, love Libya and want to share them with us why don't you put them online and send the link in the comment section ? I'm sure everyone would appreciate it.


Hannu said...

Hello Highlander; hope you're well.

I am one who learnt about Libya when I left Libya! Sad, but true. I wish to go back one day and visit all those sites; I have only been to Cyrene and that was a regular stop on the way from Benghazi to Derna... as you said, taken for granted and never bothered to learn more about it.

Here is a little piece about Ghadames from Tibra's site written by Suliman. It is part of the feature on the Ghadamsia lady Khadija Wawo.

removedalready said...

thanks. I've bookmarked the site and will be checking it out right after this!

Highlander said...

Hi Hanu,I'm well thank you:)
Hurry and come back maybe we can visit toghether. I did go to Benghazi in 1982 and liked in very much. Have a soft spot for your accent ;).
I'm learning and learning everyday how wonderful Libya is .
Thank you for linking Suliman's article ( I'll go check it now ). As for Mrs.Wawo I think she is an exceptional lady and I have come accross her earlier and liked her spirit very much.

Highlander said...

Red enclave , you're welcome..I'm glad to see you are back from Turkey!

lovelytripoli said...

We all love libyan and trying to giving her our time by bulding websites or groups or bloggers..
But are you people trying to search more for new sites and new bloggers and groups in everywehre.

every day im doing that and found new sites by arabic and english.
i have added few libyan sites to my blogger links.
i can show you few;