Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Libyan Arab Airlines

The national carrier of Libya since it was a kingdom. Whenever I recall LAA I’m flooded with warm childhood memories of travels and adventures from Tripoli to other lands. LAA has a distinctive logo which won a prize for best logo back in the 70s. LAA won best airline in 1978 only to go downhill following the implementation of UN and US sanctions.

I was a bit saddened to read this month (see photo) that it will be soon replaced by the Libyan Airlines Company : LAC.

Please note the disappearance of the word ‘Arab’, I guess it is more western-friendly ;) .. sigh

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, because anyway in Arabic they always used to say Libyan airlines.

Whoever remembers what the logo meant in Arabic please forward it to me . I know it was something about a gazelle overtaking someone ..but I’m not sure if it was the competition or what. I will look it up but I appreciate if someone already has the answer. I hope they keep the logo it really is unique.

We will miss you LAR.

Note : other Libyan carriers are Afriqiyah and Buraq.


removedalready said...

visit this site:

a little history about the LAA

Hannu said...

I remember the "sarcastic" meaning of the logo. I believe this surfaced in the 80's:

LAA arrives either late (the middle arrow), or early (the lower arrow) or detours and doesn't make it (the gazelle!)

I don't mind dropping the "Arab" word. If I were to vote, I would have voted for dropping it.

highlander said...

Hanu :) I'm splitting my sides laughing here, thanks I never knew of this sarcastic one. To be honest I don't mind dropping the Arab thing from the name it's an airlines for God's sake what's that got to do with being Arab. Yes you are are right.

Anonymous said...

I heared this interpretation:

We (the arabs) beat you (the west).
You beat us.
We shall beat you again.

In arabic:



Twosret said...

I don't understand why would you drop the Arab from it guys?!

Highlander said...

Redenclave thanks for the link:)

Highlander said...

Twosret I don't know about Hanu, but for myself it's because although Libya is mostly an Arab country not everyone is Arab, but everyone is Libyan. However, I only thought of this in the past few years it never crossed my mind before. Funnily enough for the last 20 years or so I always presented myself to people as African which is strictly speaking correct too. Well maybe they dropped the Arab because Libya requested several times to get out of the Arab league for their inneficiency in handling its problems ;). I don't know really ya Twosret but I'm kind of struggling with these issues now.

Highlander said...

RF, thanks this was the interpretation I was looking for but I did not know it was between Arabs and West ? really was that what they meant ? If you understand Arabic please answer the following question : هل تعتقد انه ممكن يحصل ذلك يوم من الايام ؟ وشنو رايك؟

Anonymous said...

RF's comment reflects the real meaning of the logo, the artists that developed it brought the prize for Libya in Switzerland while on an airline logo and performance competition. I guess what is to be proud of is honoring your self, job, people around you and therefore your nation. Since I came here I am trying to learn more about local people and their way of thinking, I was so surprised to find out that pessimism runs high through all classes (out of the subject).
Love your blog Highlander.

Yours Truly,
Free Dance

Anonymous said...

It was not about the west though , it was about the other airlines... Sorry had to come back and make a ctc.
Yours Truly
Free Dance