Wednesday, December 07, 2005

World Energy Report in Arabic

The EIA ( Energy Information Administration) has recently released an Arabic version of the International Energy Outlook 2005 which forecast energy consumption.

The Annual Energy Outlook presents a midterm forecast and analysis of US energy supply, demand, and prices through 2025. The projections are based on results from the Energy Information Administration's National Energy Modeling System. AEO2005 includes a reference case and over 30 sensitivities

Well it 's about time there is an Arabic version especially that a very large share of the oil is in the Arab world. Anyway according to this report the annual consumption of oil will increase from 78 million barrels per day in 2002 to 119 mpd in 2025. Moreover, the US demand for oil will increase to 28 mbd in 2025. Please check the tables in the link provided above if you are interested.

So why am I bringing this up ? simply because if these forecasts are accurate. Then not much will change 20 years from now, the US governement will be forced to accomodate those entities strong enough to impose their will on it with the democratic process and the lobbying at the expence of the average American John Doe in the name of "special interests" which will continue to poison lives. i.e. Middle East unchanged with all that this implies.


programmer craig said...

I think energy (particularly oil) is going to be thw whole world's biggest problem in the coming years. India and China are both becoming mature industrialized nations now, and that's a third of the world's population! How is the limited supply of oil going to satisfy the demands of even these two nations in 20 years?

highlander said...

the answer to that question is the cause of the current war in the ME Programmer_ Craig, people are thinking ahead, but not in the right direction such as alternative energy , but rather WHO will dominate the oil reserves..I guess it's all about oil again ;)

programmer craig said...

So, oil is what drives terrorism? Sorry, Highlander... you know I don't agree with you about that part of your theory :)

programmer craig said...

BTW, Highlander... even if the US was trying to control the world's oil right now, it wouldn't work. The US is not going to get invloved in a land war with China. When China decides to seize the Oil fields, it will be up to Russia and India to try to stop them.

I don't think that's going to happen for a while, though. Chian is not yet ready to fight the Russian military. They need about 10 more years to modernize and upgrade equipment.

AlanK said...

hopefully this will all be irrelevant, just like used to use charcoal for fuel before. Hopefully will find some alternative to oil that actually works, although that would be problem for countries like saudi arabia that have nothing else to base economy on

actually here in UK, they are thinking of increasing numbers of nuclear plants to try reduce dependance, not exactly the greatest idea although james lovelock founder of gaia seems to think so

removedalready said...

Humm, I wonder what will the US be thinking if other countries will go on and use nuclear energy! I understand that they oppose Iran of building a nuclear reactor, but maybe they are doing so for the right reason not only for WMD. We can't rely on petroleum, it'll run out in years to come, so we need alternative @ renewable enrgy in order to survive!

programmer craig said...

Hi Red Enclave :)

I don't think the US has any objection to anyone developing nuclear power plants. We don't have any right to object, we have signed the treaty that allows the development of nuclear energy.

Yes, though. Iran is a seperate case :)

Nuclear energy plus some alternative fuel source for vehicles would certainly help. The nuclear energy part gives me the creeps, but it IS fairly safe, as long as the operators can be trusted to maintain the facilities properly. So many mishaps in the past though!

highlander said...

Alan, Red and P-Craig...I'm thinking that every country in the ME which is planning to diversify its energy consumption for a future without oil i.e get into nuclear energy will be prevented or very heavily monitored just as Iran is being treated now. Having to 'buy' your fuel rods from a 'safe' western country because it can be 'trusted' to handle fissile material will make those formerly indepent ME states dependent on the whim of the West no ? maybe that is where the next fight will be ?