Thursday, December 29, 2005

A summer night in Libya : 10th of July 2002

Feeling a little bit blue, I rummaged through some old diaries and came up with this entry . I recall how good it felt to write and wished to share it with you.

Now let me tell you about a summer night in my beloved country.
In Africa summer nights are enchanting so imagine how it could be in an African Arab country on the coast…you feel you have stepped into wonderland if a magician has used a big wand to make everything just perfect !
As soon as the sun sets very late at around 8 PM a dark purple light gradually fills the sky and suddenly everything seems somehow dimmer…then the night in all its glory is upon you . I'd be sitting in the swing in our garden enjoying the light summer sea breeze and almost falling asleep with the pleasure, when slowly I would realize that there was a silence within the silence. Truly it is a blessed piece of land. My area is comparable to a village. It is so silent, yet so alive. I could hear the happy trills of the women at a wedding in the 'street ' behind us . The dogs who were resting throughout the day start to roam and cats are looking for a prey and a bit of fun. People are sitting on mats in their own gardens or backyards sipping green tea and eating watermelons . The crickets are singing can hear all that yet the silence is overwhelming so much so that I have the impression that the clicking sound made by my keyboard is terribly disrupting to inner peace. Yet I continue to write because apart from telepathy , e-mail is the quickest way to convey a message.
As the night gets darker, the sky is sapphire blue and the stars illuminate everything ..there are no street lamps ..and so you really feel out of the century ....out of time. The palm trees make a lovely curtain to the velvety smooth sky. I have the impression that I could touch the stars and hold them in my little hand if I wish.
The night here is so beautiful it feels like a blasphemy to think otherwise. Then the smell of the earth rises up to your nostrils …you could almost think you were in heaven…At such times I remember even more God's grace & mercy upon us and fall down on my knees to thank Him. I have learnt that you do not pray to God when you are unwell or want have to remember him even when you are full of happiness to thank him gracefully for his blessings.



zanzibar said...

mashallah, that's beautiful...shukran ala inik thakartina bi the little things that make Libya such a great place to live :)

early happy eid btw.

Anonymous said...

you are a real poet Highlander.
I would love to hear your thoughts if you enjoy such evenings at the Rock. Where the night is so dark the stars are brighter than 100Watt light bulbs and the dust of stars of the periphery of our milky-way galaxy is so clear.

I could not believe that we could "see" our galaxy untill I witnessed it over there .... at the Rock.

You make a much better poet than a politician I would say ...... ;-)

Happy new year


Twosret said...

Lovely post Highlander. Thanking God for the good is so important. I remember Sharm El-Sheikh desert sky reading your post.

I can remember also a nile cruise and the breeze that I will never forget.

Our countries are beautiful. Only the people who visited and lived among our kind people will appreciate it.

Highlander said...

I'm glad you appreciate it Zanzi, DM and Twosret :) . That means it was a good idea to post even though it felt very regrets now !