Thursday, November 02, 2006

The best comment of the month

Once a month I will feature the best comment on my blog. October's winner is :

"The Arabic woman is known for her beauty, charm, warmth, passion, loyalty,
intelligence, self respect, and her know how when it comes to pleasing her man.
For many happiness is having an Arab wife."

Hmm... What about adapting the text a little bit and dreaming a Utopian
dream:"The Highlander blog reader is known for his/her beautiful mind, warmth,
passion for sensible debates, loyalty to the undertone of the blog,
intelligence, respect for others, and his/her know how when it comes to pleasing
his/her blog hostess. For many happiness is having an average Highlander reader
as a husband/wife.";-)

Thanks NBA.


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on! You give that Finnish guy an award for shamelessly kissing up to you!? :O

Oh, this is too much! You won't get away with this, Euro-weenie! :P

Angry Libyan American said...

Whatever. I had way better comments like the one where I asked that the Israeli government build a Monument for Simon of Cyrenaica, and pay me his wages for carrying Jesus to the crucifiction.

Their was another one at least Maya liked. I deleted it.(Yes Maya you where right I was scared of no sheild mode). Here it is.

Jewish Dude-

lol. yeah Sacha is awsome. He does make fun of everybody. I cant wait for the movie to come out its gonna be awsome.

maya m-

Yup I can be US President. I was born and raised in The US of A!

I would make the USA a wonderful Utopian Paradise if I had absolutly no barriers which would hold me back.
I could really do amazing things with the country. I could fix the immigration problem , i could fix the energy issues which we face, I would also re-instate the Isolation policy which the founding fathers supported. A poliy which we have turned our back on. America is as many historians call it valhaala on earth. many historians claim thats what the Vikings of old according to some accounts thought America was. Valhaala. I imagine they would have though the Fog and Nordic Mist where valgrind, and the oceans wave could have been like invisible valkyries, and this new land was the promised paradise which Odin had in store. Many belive that the Vikings found comfort amongst the native womenfolk, and intergrated into the native population. this is only a theroy ofcourse, most likley in my opinion they returned home. but it would not be the first time, a germanic peoples would have found comfort in another place, and integrate amongst the locals.

you really have no clear memory of Libya, the real country inhabited by real people

Yes I do, maya, I unfortunatly have a very clear memory. but remember the current nation State of "Libya" is not my home.
And the current people are not my people. Thats all i shall say. I dont want to be branded anti-arab or whatever other fancy names exists. But yes when I go home I do keep to myself, I like to star gaze in the vast desert, and i like going to visit the mountains and stay up their. And I like the Ocean and the coast. I stick to my hometown of zuwara, I have a friend from Yiffrin so I go up their every once in a while.

Such people often feel like foreigners everywhere. I do, so I know what I am talking about. This alienation is permanent, it will continue for as long as you are alive.

I am starting to realize that. But I geuss the hope of home is the only light which keeps me going. to find out i am truley alone would be something which I could not take, and belive me I have tried, and well the results are not to good. the Illusion is better then the harsh reality.

But you still cannot accept this and wish so much to belong somewhere that you take the side of the enemy. Out of a need to be hugged, you throw yourself into the tentacles of the Gorgon. If your Gorgon really achieves global victory, I wouldn't like to be you - because then you'll see for yourself that not only the wicked West but also the Islamic Republic of Planet Earth doesn't contain a single cottage where you'd feel at home.

Yeah unfortunatly i have realized it, so I decided to tell the Gorgon to go bone itself.

I am making my own Gorgon, and hence the "The Imazighan Homeland". The Sub section of the Islamic Rebublic of Planet earth, I know i wont feel comfort their either, i think in Death i shall find my happiness, and only when I shall return to the dust I shall be contempt. The only true warmth and embrace is the warmth and embrace of the earth.

Non-Blogging said...

Oh, this is too much! You won't get away with this, Euro-weenie! :P

Craig, my friend, if you hadn't passed me by on the list of Highlander's biggest fans (in quantity, not in quality, I have to stress again :P), I wouldn't have needed to resort to tactics like this ;-).

Envy and jealousy are great driving forces hehehehehehe!

Angry Libyan American said...


Listen here, but of you Highlander, favors the Libyan Warriors participation the most, for he brings a great and vital view point to the discussion. Where else can you get a arab American youths thoughts and ideas about current events, a Libyan one at that on such a diverse number of issues. Seriosly I should be payed to be on here. My Ideas are pure literal gold. :)

Highlander said...

Programmer_Craig :P , NBA made a lovely ingenious comment , let's see who's comment will be the star this month :)
You have no idea what I have up my sleeve yet he he he.

NBA , I am curious what other tactics you have ;)

LW if you stick to the rules I will like your comments -let's see how long you can keep that. No insults and no race and limited number of words when you disagree, with a link to your blog where you have posted about the topic .

Anonymous said...

Oh, what kind of game is this? Now I'm going to make some kind of great "suck-up" comment and you'll give the award to one of your critics, next time :O

Angry Libyan American said...

Hey Craig you a Indie fan

Check out these Super Libyans.

High Hopes

Anonymous said...

LW, I just voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger for governator and David Dreier for Congress!

Check them out!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governator

Congressman David Dreier

What you think? I made good picks, eh? :P

Sereeb said...

Salam All,

Come on Highlander, comment of the month!!

What Mr NBA the Great said/wrote, (though I’m still a devout fan and in love with his somehow scary brain) is so ingratiating, so pleading, so supplicating, almost ass-licking.

That is not fair for the irascible Mr Action Man, you-have-to-agree-with-me-or-I’ll-smash-your-face Rambo, the only & one Mr Craig. (and if he wants to know why I think of him like that, I can elaborate)

Come on Highlander, be fair, be subjective, or is it objective! HeHeh. We, the faithful followers, still have faith in your fairness.

Oh, oh, do I sound like a brownnose now!! Hee-hee.


Anonymous said...

Yes, LW, I thought you'd like my picks :P

Hi Sareeb,

and if he wants to know why I think of him like that, I can elaborate

Please do :)

Angry Libyan American said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Angry Libyan American said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Non-Blogging said...

Ah, Sereeb, check my original post again. It might be all that you describe it to be but if you check it carefully, in fact I'm flattering there myself and all other readers here, not exactly only our gorgeous blog hostess ;-).

But kind of questioning my masculinity... makes tears fall down my cheeks... as if Craig was more of a Rambo than me... Sereeb, I was just to write you an open letter to offer translating your forthcoming novel into Finnish but not anymore... Losing the sales of perhaps 100 sold copies (you know, it is a small market!) will perhaps ruin your literary career.

Now, was that Rambo-ish enough ;-)?

(Sorry, I simply can't be tougher than that!)

BTW, Highlander, I hate being the informer here but LW's comment of Sat Nov 04, 03:35:49 AM 2006 is longer than two lines and contains the rape word (referring to your comments policy).

Angry Libyan American said...

Hey Soad. You are a AMAZING writer, i just went to your site, please keep up the good work.

Highlander said...

LW I've deleted your comment because of profanity, if a comment is long I may let it pass but if it breaks the other rules it will be mercilessly deleted.

Sereeb hi habibti :) if you have the courage to weed through hundreds of comments of course do it and tell me which you think is nicest :P

By the way I too want elaboration on Craig there something we should know here ? come 'fess up .
( ps we missed you).

Sereeb said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Angry Libyan American said...

Soad you are very welcome. Hope you feel better.

Do you know that most of these people, despite the fact that they are Muslims or used to be, don’t know anything about Islam and what they write are mere telltales, especially that Tunisian (Oh, please don’t get me started).

Oh god, I think you are my hero. Do you have a fan club? I wanna be president. :)

I’m really sick and tired of having to justify my religion and myself for the actions of a handful of lunatic criminals.

You are not the only one. It seems every one from the theif to the Murderer, with a Muslim name is made into the poster boy and spokes person for Islam.

What if I where to take every christian who commited a crime, and spin it the way the right wing press does every muslim who commits a crime? What if blamed Christianity for every crime commited by every criminal of christian decent. i would never be able to sleep, the murders, rampages, insane brutal and barbaric, savage crimes would be un-endless.

But Soad, Craig, Curt, Sandmonkey, the Tunisian, Freedon for Egyptians, and the rest of these people do not belive what they state. No matter how long Craig stays on the Queens blog, he shall never understand. He is fanatical in his bigotry. He is driven by a radical Ideology known as Christian Facisms the modern evangelical religion. In Craig and all these peoples minds ISLAM must be destroyed, becuase its in the bible, its in their prophecy, this is what their eligion teaches them. Billions must die, the greater Middle East must be labeled as ISRAEL, the Mosque in Jeruslam must be destroyed and the third temple must be constructed for Jesus to return. Its their religion. We cant be mad at craig for acting this way he is mearley following the word of his god.

We are in a battle of civilizations, a clash between evil(Christianity) and good(Islam) and as the Scotsman Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi (Ian Dallas)stated briliantly, we are now watching the unfolding of the final battle, the beast shall soon expose himself and soon the Messiah Jesus Son of the Virgin Mary(PBUT)shall decend upon the earth.

9/11, Hizboallah, and Israel, the popes statements, they are all steping stones, carefully orchestrated. Read more on the sheiks brilliant fatwa at his site.

You should also read his books,

1.The Return of the Khalifate
2. Sultaniyya

Also check out Dajjal: The Anti Christ by Ahmad Thomson. This girl in my physics class recomended it tome. I must say I have only read the first 30 pgs but it is really amazing. It brings alot of things into light.

Non-Blogging said...

I always visualise you as a sturdy Viking biker, covered in tattoos, clad in leather, oozing masculinity, hehehehe. Wild imagination, eh!

Sereeb, let me tell you honestly you do have a wild imagination (which is great for a writer of course hehehe). I can never be your literary agent here because then we should sit down and talk business and you would see me and have a shock seeing the true NB hehehehehe.

LW, before you recommend books to read for anyone else, it might not hurt if you were able to read and comprehend Highlander's very precise comments policy. You're breaking it here again (like you're doing in another thread as "anonymous" as if your current aliases weren't enough). This is what Highlander wrote above as:

if a comment is long I may let it pass but if it breaks the other rules it will be mercilessly deleted.

Let's now see who deletes your post earlier, Highlander or yourself. You seem to be sometimes faster than her, like you were in your post where you asked Highlander to go to Hell and accused her of being a US agent.

There's nothing more boring than a mainstream troll than a troll who has so little talent anybody can see that from a distance. No, you're not actually even annoying, you're just plain boring. I would expect better from a troll. Try to raise your standards a little bit, please.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Angry Libyan American said...

If you can promise to keep muslims from victimizing non-muslims for religious reasons

1. I could try to to do that but unfortunatly that vast majority of the time its christians who are attacking non-muslims claiming to be muslims so they have escuses to attack the Mulims.

2. If the US would stop attacking Mulsims be it through support of brutal Zionist policies in the Arab nations then I dont see any reason why we cant get along.

3. WTF? Do I look like I have a button to control oppressed people and their actions?

I wish this was like civilizations, where i could be stratigic. And shut people up but when us troops barge in peoples homes at the middle of the nights, kill all the inhabitants, and RAPE(delete it if you like H)on 14 yearold girls who are Minors might I add as a tool of torture, and then Burn down villages to cover the crime. Well i cant stop those people. I cant stop China either, or Latin America, or the Blacks in the US, or the Coloureds in Europe, you stole everything they had you killed them by the Millions and now according to them you must pay. Sorry, i know its ruff, but their is nothing I can do. I can quote the Quran, and tell them violence is not the way, and if some one oppress you it is un-islamic to oppress them back, but becuase of the magnitude of the crimes. I doubt anyone will less to reason. Its not just the Muslims, its the Whole Non-Western/Northern European world. They want their blood of their kindred avenged they want dead whites, they want their oil, their dimonds, ivory, plutonium, uranium, gold, ect...

Angry Libyan American said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.