Thursday, November 30, 2006

IKBIS that big yellow button

IKBIS is the Arab 'You tube' enjoy it ladies and gentlemen and go click on that cute big yellow button !


Anonymous said...

This is the stupidist Idea I have ever heard of. Now not only does the world get to see the insanity and stupidity of the arabs on Memri TV, but their is a Arab youtube!!!

Oh yes this should be great, we shall watch arab domestic abuse unfold by little juniors camera, and arabs straping their kids with bombs and possing for family photos for the whole world to see. You people are not suppose to have these types of things, you savages, now I have to listen to radio talk show hosts, and that fuck, that glen beck, that fucking nazi, gloat about how backward Islam is. GGod Damn you people, u cant even see that you are being set up to look stupid. I cant take this humiliation anymore, what exactly is the least painful way of suicide, come on at least let me end this media nightmare from HELL nicley, bury me in a far away place from you people, this is exactly why i wish to disassociate myself from you as much as possible.

Everywhere I go, god damn it, documantation of your backward stupidity is everywhere. And whats worse is its linked with ISLAM!!!! You filthy mongrel shit eating donkey fuckers!!!! God Damn you to hell. I am changing my name to hans, revocking my libyan citzen ship, moving to sweden, bleaching my hair blond, and learning to yoddel. And I will do everything in my power to make sure you vermin are unable to get citzenship. Yes that is my new Identity, I am a Indigonous Swedish Muslim, we are a rare breed. And i swear to god the next person that tells me to calm down Uggggggggh! Damn It. You people are a fucking embarcment, you perverters, you scum, you tarnished my religion, you wahhabi vermin, god damn you bin ladin to hell, god damn you saudi arabia, you contaminators, you perverts, you filthy fags in dresses, you dirty bearded scum, you filthy geriatric MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!! We built civilization, the berbers, the turks the europeans, we made Islam, and now you are shitting on it. You ship your filthy fucking books, filled with the filth of your arab god wahhab, you rodent bastards, You people are the filthiest people ever created wallahi allah their is no group of people worse. You sick and twisted vermin. You deviant hertical wahhabi 3rd century Ishamili pig scum, you mysogonistic throw back monkies who never evolved, I hate you mother fuckers, you have ruined my life you sons of bitches, you sons of whores, you apes!!!!!!!! Go home, god damn you, go to arabia and die in the sand and let us fix what you fucked up. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay I wanna apologize for all the crazy crap I said above, I am a bit streesed out, sorry if I offended any arabs, please accept my heartfelt apology.

Anonymous said...

gee, and I thought that was really kinda cute.

LO, damn, that's a little more than a bit stressed, you've got to turn down the death metal & relax.

Anonymous said...

to libyan observer: you can't fix anything is your heart filled with hate and anger.. as i saw from your portfolio.. you'r under-grad majoring in Political Science and would like to proceed in law... this gives the power and the chance to do some good change in the world.. you should seek the truth.. you should avoid general assumptions and you should b able to contain and deal with all kind of people... so don't be stressed out and don't hold any hate in your heart because it is going to kill everything good in you.

Highlander said...

Anonymous 1.52 , you say such sensible things I wish you would take a blogger ID or just leave some other name we can recognise you by :)