Thursday, November 30, 2006

The best of the Libyan Blogosphere: November 2006

OK I'm introducing another monthly feature , my choice of the best posts from the Libyan blogs :) - in no particular order . Let's see if I can keep this up

Khadijateri - Giving thanks my own way : " Everybody liked learning something that they had had misconceptions about. We finished the class by talking about different types of holidays and the meanings of different things that symbolized certain holidays, for example the Christmas tree, candles for Miloud, fool (broad beans)for Ashura, etc" [more] (hint to Khadija pls activate the permalink to each post it is difficult to link to particular posts otherwise thank you ).

Smokeyspice - Words without borders : " . What I do believe is that there are treasures of stories among Libyans that are waiting for the right time or the right question. " [more] ( make sure to check the comment section)

Lovelytripoli - Old memories from Alzara Air Tripoli : " Unfortunately worked that this historic building would be transferred to the place of recreation for foreigners ...!" [ she means I unfortunately learned that this historic building will be transformed into a place of recreation for foreigners - how sad :( ] [more]

D-Log - My take : "I'm thankful for connecting the broken links in my life, for building bridges, for picking up again [more] .

Flying birds - Douce mere : " dedicate this song for all the mothers out there, as today its my mother birthday may Allah bless her and keep her to me." [more ] .

Safia speaks - Waving goodbye to Rumsfeld: "I used to admire Rumsfield for dealing swiftly and tactical - agreed his strategics didn´t always pay out - but he wasn´t afraid to swing the fists of iron when needed. That´s the right attitude for any secretary of defense. Problem was only that Rumsfelds fists hit the wrong bastards." [more] .

Libyano - My killing wish list : "A girl who parked in front of my car and made me wait hours till she came " [more ].

Tripoli Ghibli - For the love of one's country : " When the students first saw us they laughed they thought we had lost our minds , for we were teachers and not servants, believing this to be a job for servants , for why did the school have cleaning people ??!! After seeing our insistence, they started to help us out and the playground was as clean as could be.This was a lesson, that of awareness which many students till today have not forgotten" [more ]

My Enchanting Sereeb - The Libyan Halloween -Al Fatasha : "The Libyan Halloween is called Al-Fatasha الفتاشة and it is celebrated in the middle of winter (I can’t remember the exact date but I remember it was in mid winter). In that day we cook special food and in the evening we gather around the charcoal brazier telling ghost stories." [more] {amazing :) , if we all make a petition for a comment section maybe Soad will relent) .

Anglolibyan - Smuggling Libyan Tortoises : "these tortoises are protected by law in Europe and smuggling them is an offence, in fact they are so rare they have been put on the protected animals list that includes tigers.
400 of these small tortoises have been lost because of the action of this stupid man, Italy will never return these animals, they will be put in zoos and given to private collectors, again the wealth of Libya is being exploited by some people who are just hungry for money but have no respect for their own land. " [more].

Lebeeya says - Email : "During the course of the 10 days in which Muaad stayed with me, I have come to the conclusion that our youngest brother is truly a peculiar creature in all manners of his behaviour." [more].

White African - Untitled : " the same lady a couple of months ago was sat in the reception area and was speaking to a devout Christian lady, both these woman are Arab. The opinionated lady was telling the Christian lady that she should do the shahadah before its to late.." [more ]

Libyanviolet - The Baby : " What would you do ? share a man you loved with his family and fulfill you past dream safe in the knowledge that he will take care of you forever. Or go and have your baby with a man you love but don't need to share with anyone but at the same time where nothing is guaranteed except the excitement of starting a new life, new horizons and no complications ......." [more] .

Moments in my life - Email Scams : " the first one was sent to me (or as the email say) from an American soldier who needs my assistance in smuggling $12.8 million Dollars out of Iraq ( he sent me his picture and a picture of the money!!!) : " [more].

Imtidad : This is how I celebrated my birthday: "I'm 31 for the last time.." [more]

Lu-Ti - My dream photographer : " ok i'll share one of my dreams .. i dream of a wall in my own house with pictures ,black and white picture for me and my husband , many sizes that should be designed to make a perfect look to the wall of the living room or that wall leads to the kitchen " [more ]

Our Little Family Adventures -Books books books : " well i know that this post is kind of boring ,,, but since i`m in the middle of my studies and all i see around me is books ,, therefore i got this idea of posting about books ,,, my ultimate passion!!!" [more]

The Sultan - Pork Man on the Rampage ( it's actually October 30 but he has not posted much on November) : ""Apparently on this day strangers, dressed up in farm animals, go around randomly hugging strangers in Holland as a way to foster and spread love. Not wanting to offend Dutch sensibilities, I tried to keep an open mind and suppressed my cultural disinclination toward pork products and male intimacy. " [more]. PS 1-12-06 it appears that the Sultan may be Iraqi if anyone knows please inform us- at any rate his blog is cool and he still looks Libyan :P . update 2-12-06 OK it is confirmed Sultan is Iraqi thank you Anon.

Abughilan - Story of Mirja : " Mirja is Finish. She left Hauho in Finland first time in her life on 9 September, 2002. She crossed Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro and arrived after seven days finally to NW Greece where she stayed for five weeks storing up energy.
She then crossed the Mediterranean to Egypt, Libya " [more ]

Aladdin of Tripoli - Thank you dad : " I keep wishing that you could change a lot of things on you dad , I always wanted to discover the dark side of you , I always feel like shouting into your face , I hate you and and I love and I love and I hate you and I love in the same time" [more] ( if you ever hated your dad pls think again and read the comment section ).

Tears in Heaven - A city of dust : " Every Windy morning, my doctor came to us with red eyes and hard sneezing and coughing, he had a dust allergy. He was always telling us that it’s a crime to build a cement factory inside the city, he told us that in other countries the cement factory is always placed outside the city and very far from it." [more] ( the silent environment polution :( )

On Tripoli - Sfenz of Gurgji ( Libyan dougnut) : " This is an ancient tradition, originally done by the Jews of North Africa in general" [more] .

Braveheart - Klam Anas (aka what will people think or say ) : " Ohhhhhh my god how many time we make weight to the people’s views and it was wrong, how many times we did thing against our believe just to take care about what the people say, “klaam alnas” how many times these two words destroyed our life, why we must care about people views if we believe we do the right thing. " [more].

Take it easy - Mood : " .. you see it is tough for us libyans to be calm and pretend we r healthy and normal by general international standards … we aren’t normal by circumstances, are we, really?" [more] ( It's such a pity Cofman deleted some of his posts my favourite was his personal statement criticisin us Libyans and Arabs that was such a cool post - but I guess the Libyan blogosphere community has touched him :) and now he is "slowly feeling like a Libyan".Congrats Cofman ! I'm happy for you.)

Many of these blogs are new, so go enjoy the Libyans and learn a little bit more about us
I'm sorry if I missed anyone but the rest are on hiatus :P they should blog more ...


Anonymous said...

Isn't The Sultan Iraqi?

Leilouta said...

Oh My Godness highlander!!How do you keep up with all the blogs???
You should be nominated for just being such a faithful reader:)
Glad you're back and I hope things are better with you.

Anonymous said...


u know my friend cofman? Seriosly that dudes blog is cool, especially his twist on the egypt issue. He has like a pciture of two chicks one in a Burqa, and One in Hijab and a dog below them, and the dog was like, you cant fool a arab dog:). Bloody Brilliant.

Why no Libyan Warrior?( sad face)

Is it cuz, I am a Berber Muslim???

Anonymous said...

Highlander if you look on the comments on this post at "The Sultan" you will see his cousin is called "whacky iraqi" :
Break Dancing
and if you follow the links to his family pictures from the pictures and names they aren't libyans (no offense to The Sultan) but we still don't have "samer" in Libya :).

Anonymous said...

L, asked a good question? :)

Are you the quite Libyan Observer?

Highlander said...

Anonymous 7.20 and 5.05 , thanks for explaining. I saw the comments by 'wacky Iraqi' but did not realise it was his cousin, and no I did not follow all his photo album links. As you noticed I already put a note that he could be Iraqi so now I'll just update it and confirm he is. Also to be honest I had my doubts because of the Samer name, we don't use it in Libya for males yet - very very rare as you said no offense meant ;-)

Leilouta :) Oh thank you ! I don't know how I keep up I guess I'm addicted :P

Libyan Observer , you did not make the list not because you are Berber Muslim there are berbers in my side link if you noticed such as Agrada and Nura. But rather it's because your blog keeps changing names and links and sometimes the link to it disappears altoghether :(
As for your question no I'm not 'the observer'- that's your title- I just love blogs and keep up with most of the Arab bloggers and a few non Arabs as well :P

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Highlander. Now I will, hopefully with your gracious permission, list some of my favorite books. Don't know what got into me, just feel like listing some.

Because my father read them to me when I was between five and six years old on his lap, The Lord of the Rings. Yup, all three books. Still, my favorites.

The list goes on:

Ray Bradburry; The Martian Chronicles

Arthur C. Clark; 2001 a Space Odysseys and The City and the Stars

Robert Heinlen, all of them.

Tom Clancy, enough said.

Sthephen King. Once again, all of them.

Anything by Ayn Rand.
Atlas Shrugged was a masterpiece.

Edgar Allen Poe; Can't be rightously depressed without him.

Larry Niven, just for Ring World.

Anne McCaffrey; Just for the fun of it.

Tsun Su; Because he got it exactly right way back when.

Mary Shelley; Because sooner or later, we all create our own monsters.

And finally, Leilouta. Because it sounds like she has a fun life. She hasen't written a book yet, but I still get hope for the world reading her blog.

Anonymous said...

thank you highlander.
The Sultan spent sometime in Libya recently and blogged about it, it is very interesting, it was few months back.

piccolina said...

thank u so much !

Highlander said...

Curt , hey thanks for posting your favourite books , from your list these are the authors I read :
Tom Clancy, Stephen King (definetely the King), Ayn Rand I'm a fan of the Fountainhead but as it was the first book I read by her when I was 14 , but Atlas Shrugged is superb. Edgar Poe ( but in French ), Mary Shelley and of course Leilouta :P
I need to read Tsun Su urgently :)

Believe it or not I still have not read Lord of the Rings the Trilogy

AngloLibyan , your welcome I'll go check Sultan's past posts to see what he thought of Libya :)

Piccolina , you're welcome sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

"Believe it or not I still have not read Lord of the Rings the Trilogy."

This is a must read Highlander. I've only read the books once since my father read them to me and the movies are superb. The memories of my father reading them to me are still the ones that stick out in my mind and were responsible for getting me hooked on a lifetime of reading. I've tried to do the same for my children, but there are many more distractions for them these days. Still, I have an older daughter and youngest son that are shaping up to be readers.

As for Tsun Su, your in for a real treat. Most people think that he is simply talking about warefare. He's not. Read him and let me know what you think.

Desert Rose said...

Thanks HL I really apreciate it.

I sure hope things work out for you.

Here's wishing you all the best life has to offer.

Highlander said...

Curt , Tsun Su is on my wish list already :) , as for Lord of the Rings I saw the movies but I did not enjoy them that much I think the book as usual is probably much much better and to my liking. Did you hear about Clive Barker ? his style is not bad also.

Trabilsia thank you :) I wish you all the best as well .

Lebeeya said...

Thank you highlander!

I am a Berber Libyan Muslim and I made it to the list!

That is so sexypants....

StarLit said...

Thank You!!!

10860 nights of Tripoli said...

Thanks alot Highlander for mentioning my Dad Post...
i really appreciete it ..
i just found your blog now and it's soo intersting..
i guess i'll add ur blog into my favourite..
c ya

Akram said...

thank you Dear highlander

Highlander said...

Lebeeya , you are welcome :)sweetie and shalfuta too .

Alladin thank you , I loved your dad post it was so sincere and so genuine and I felt by highlighting it that it could be useful to others as well.

A.Adam :) you are welcome my friend.

To all the Libyan bloggers, I really luv you all - big kiss.