Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The top 3 Highlander fans for November

(1) The Sandmonkey ( even though he nevers comments he he he )
(2) AngloLibyan
(3) Chris in MB ;) - close runner up Curt from Houston

NBA and Craig have both slipped far behind from last month ..uh oh


Anonymous said...

Only reason I got beat out this month is because I haven't even been on the internet reading e-mails :(

I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

WOW, how did I get on the short list?

Gee, it couldn't have been for constructive insightful comments!

Was it for page load counts? Hehe, I tend to hit "reload" often! :P

Anonymous said...

Oh come on H, you have got to be joking. I was on here every single day. Something is wrong with your counter.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan but I am surprised I made the list, I am glad I did :o)

Highlander said...

Chris :0 you probably kept reloading :P

LW I know you are here daily but your problem is you IP keeps shifting and so you don't get counted - I know it's the stupid counter - maybe you should stick to one computer :P

AngloLibyan - yes you made it this time :)

Programmer_Craig well tomorrow is another month let's see you can start getting ahead while NBA is busy :) ....

Anonymous said...

LW I know you are here daily but your problem is you IP keeps shifting

I wonder why!? :P

Doubt there's any IP spoofing that will stop the FBI though, if they seriously decide to go after the cretin, which I hope they do. Many people have been arrested for their online activities in recent years I sincerely hope LW gets added to the list of American convicted felons.

Don't worry, LW, you may be able to access blogs from the prison library and then you can tell us all about your new friends :P

Did you know that people have been killed in prison for using the word "nigger" as a racial epithet like you did on Sandmonkey's blog? Happens every day :O

And be sure to tell the Aryan Nation gang members about them being crackers too!

Highlander, not sure if I'm back long term or not I've just been reading your blog the last few days. I'll try though :)

Septimus Severus said...

IP spoofing

lol. No I just use like a 1000+ computers here , and I cant be on the same one everyday. Their are literally 1000's of people here daily. This is a major university, not to mention, public libaries, near by community colleges, ect..

Many people have been arrested for their online activities

Why would I be arrested craig? Are you against freedom of speach? My freedom to offend?

Micheal Savage slanders me on a 3 hour radio show, calling me and my 1.5 Billion+ brothern on a daily basis, calling us sandniggers, rag heads, calling for my part of the world to be nuked, calling my religion evil, calling for nazi era round ups of us muslims. Calling malosovic a Christian Martyr, the list goes on, and I dont have time to list it all.

In anycase, freedom of speach, their are pros and cons, christian facist craig, just because you dont like what I say does not mean you can arrest me, we are not in Europe numb nuts, we are in Multicultural USA! U dont own this cracker :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Craig r u a dimmu borgir fan?

red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors said...

Where's NBA? Is he hibernating during these winter months? I know it's chilling cold up there, hope he is ok.

Anonymous said...


Why would I be arrested craig? Are you against freedom of speach? My freedom to offend?

Treason is a felony subject to the death penalty or life imprisonment. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with it. Have fun when they cath up with you. I know I will be. I'm looking forward to hearing about when an FBI sting nets a 19 or 20 year old American muslim of Libyan ancestry.

Curt from Houston said...

Highlander, I am honored to be the runner up in your monthly best of category. I'm also greatly gratified to have you blogging again. I was starting to have Highlander withdrawal syndrome symptoms while you were away.

No matter what life throws at you, just remember, wherever you’re at, there you are. Just make sure you have your towel with you.

Curt from Houston said...

"Hey Craig r u a dimmu borgir fan?"


Am I missing something here?

Highlander said...

Redenclave :)salamat , don't worry NBA is OK and he'll be back on the blog soon , he sends his regards to you and Adam .

Curt from Houston :) thank you am very honoured and flattered that you have withdrawal symptoms :) I'll try not to make you suffer that anytime soon :P