Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Keyword Analysis -October

If you liked last months analysis check this month what the readers have been searching for on my blog :)

muslims converting to christian morroco = > OK I know my post about conversion is overdue .
protestant reformation => hmmm no comment
libyan boy footwear photos => why only the boys ? a fetish is that you Chris in Manitoba ?
libyan traditional clothes => Yes you will know all about it
berber and black marriage => Ask Libyan Warrior for that
highlander do as i say woman => Someone is obviously into S & M

On another note, I was pleasantly surprised to have passed the 100,000 visitors landmarks in one of my statcounters. Thank you guys .

The top 3 Highlander fans are now :

(1) ''Lord " :P Programmer_ Craig
(2) NBA
(3) The US dept. of Labor .

A change from last August :P


Non-Blogging said...

The top 3 Highlander fans are now :

(1) ''Lord " :P Programmer_ Craig
(2) NBA
(3) The US dept. of Labor .

First of all, I'm the no. 1 non-royal fan of Highlander (which sounds great to a staunch anti-monarchist as me).

Secondly, it's the quality not the quantity that really matters.

Thirdly, I'm not a bitter loser although I might sound like that hehehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see I have regained my rightful position of prominence! And that's "Lord programmer craig III" for the little people :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, non-blogging;

Did you know there are some very bright people even in Finland? :-)

(sorry to be off-topic)

Non-Blogging said...

Hmm... The blog you linked didn't quite make a big impression. Not because of "wrong" or "right opinions" but because the writings seem quite short, in the two language versions, and not that personal or original. But thanks for the hint, I might go back to check it every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

"a fetish is that you Chris in Manitoba ?"

Hey! That's not nice!
ohhhh no! Not me!
For some reason I also seem to be getting at least 2 hits for such things a day! Mostly from Spain, Brazil, & France.

I'm really going to have to delete some of the offending key words from my blog, it's getting very creepy!

Highlander said...

NBA LOL @ quality.

Programmer_Craig it was a very close call so watch your back and NBA might catch up any day :P

Shlemazl :) I see you are searching Finnish blogs as well now ..

Chris in MB :) nice you shortened your never. I was joking man, but you have been getting those searches since you put your 'sexy' boots on the blog LOL .

Non-Blogging said...

Craig doesn't have to watch his back. We Finns always wage war ethically and never shoot enemies/competitors either from the back or any other direction. In fact, we fight in such a highly ethical manner that we prefer shooting our own before anyone else has the time to do that:

Highlander said...

Chris in MB :) sorry typo I meant you shortened your name .

Angry Libyan American said...

The finns are a great people NB.

You truley have great standards, unlike those Americans, and Germans, who pose with human baby skulls.

What is it with Slave and master, and foot fetishs with you people? Keep your strange sex acts to yourselves.

berber and black marriages:)

Cheap shot H.

US Labor department:) I WANT A JOB.

Can ya hook a brotha up? :)

Anonymous said...

"I meant you shortened your name ."

Yeah, it's also due to the google searches, it's too descriptive. I don't mind people on the other side of the planet dropping in but I seem to be attracting attention from my "locals" lately. Many people from my area will know exactly who I am based upon my blog.

Just today I had someone stop by, who was logged onto one of my largest customers' computer network.

Don't like that ONE BIT! I may have to move my blog.

Anonymous said...

LW you want a job???
Well I've got several to fill!

How does applying tape to the back of 1200 door signs sound?

Can you do my last years taxes?

How about collections? You'll even get to break some legs! :P

Anonymous said...

Well, NB:

It's the best Finnish blog that I've seen, anyway.

It's also the only one. I was pleasently surprised to discover that it wasn't a moonbat blog.

Anonymous said...


From what I've heard, Finns fought the winter war the right way rather than "ethically" and each Finnish soldier got to kill more than one Soviet terrorist.

Perhaps, that is why we still have Finns.

khadijateri said...

Wow! 100,000! - Keep posting! - The State Dept scopes me out too.... hmmm.. must not be much work for them if they can sit around reading blogs all day.

Qul am wa intum bi khair!

Highlander said...

Hi Khadijateri , thank you :) wish I had that job too .

Highlander said...

weird i comment but nothing shows, maybe this blog is hacked ? I can't even make new posts

Anonymous said...

hi all, just came to say i have a blog now - bye