Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Dear all,

I'm disturbed and saddened that my comment section seems to have deteriorated as it was the best thing about this blog ( even better than my posts ).

I will leave it up for a while but if I find that there is any foul language, harrassment, threats or bullying, I will simply close it as much as I hate to. Because the other option is to moderate which is not fun and I don't like seeing anyone insulted on this blog, be they Arab or non-Arab, Muslim, Christian, Jew etc....

So please don't let me down and help me keep the comments section alive.

Thank you.

update 4-10-06

Moderation is on - sorry it had to come to that - we shall see how it works , at least I can sleep in peace with the knowledge that no-one will get killed.


Nomad said...

ce serait dommage, je viens juste de te connaƮtre

AngloLibyan said...

I agree with you highlander, I have found out few the people that visit the blog are very intolerant and very rude which is very sad, im glad that you are taking the correct steps to improve the situation. Good luck.

Safia speaks said...

Welcome to the wonderful whacky world of anonymous blog commenting.

I use controlled comments; any foul language will be strangled on its way into mt mailbox. Everything else comes thru.

May I suggest you´ll turn on moderated comment section?

Highlander said...

Nomad tu as raison moi aussi je pense que se serait dommage car j'aime beaucoup mes lecteurs. Mais j'espere que cette fois ci mes cheres tetes blonde comprendronts ? It would be a pity as I love my readers :(

Anglolibyan thanks I need all the luck and barakat :)

Safia I may consider the moderation but it would stunt the spontaneity and freedom of speech - bah we shall see.

Tater said...

Well, even though I don't comment too often, I'd hate to see you turn the comment section off. I do enjoy many of the conversations here on you blog.

But it is your blog & I'll respect your decision. Perhaps you could just ban those who don't respect your rules?


Highlander said...

Tater :) thanks ! glad you showed up today - as you can see I put the moderation on for the time being. ... hope it works *sigh*

shlemazl said...

Hey, what's wrong with the "foul language"? I love it. It's the only thing I miss about Russia. In English you can't swear properly anyway: it's all very physiological. In Russian you can express any thought from love to tiredness without using a single non-foul word.

It's not the words; it's the way people use them.

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

Yeah I think thats for the best

AlanK said...


On my own blog I have used some moderation of extreme comments, although I dont get quite as many visitors as your own blog

hopefully you will not cease comments as that is what those abusing the comment section are wanting you to do but it is your own blog, you may do what ever you wish

Non-Blogging said...

Sad it ended up like this, even if it's temporary, but I fully support and understand Highlander's decision. Nobody can be expected to be babysitting all the time because some people use the great majority of the comment section for personal fights which they could better have on their own blogs or in e-mail between each other.

Of course it's sad that at least for the time being this great blog isn't that spontaneous anymore but if the alternative is to check it in the morning and see all the personal fights here...

Chris in MB said...

Wow, this is what I miss when gone for a couple days?

It just takes to much energy to rant & argue in the comment sections of blogs. That's why I rarely do it anymore. It's more entertaining to just listen & make the occasional silly smart a** comment.

That's my strategy & I'm sticking with it!

BTW, is a** considered foul language?

Maya M said...

I am sorry if I have contributed to this situation. I admit my latest comment could be taken by the Palestinian American as a personal insult, but this wasn't my intention.
This is a good opportunity to say something to Libyan Warrior. I didn't open the comments to the "I'm back" post for many days, but recently I got curious why such an uneventful post had drawn so many comments. So I opened them and saw that he had hoped I'd reply to him.
Well, LW, if you want me to write insensitive comments in response to yours, why don't you come to my blog? Why do you instead troll on Highlander's blog? It's like inviting somebody to fight something out in an innocent bystander's house.

Highlander said...

Tater : how can I ban ?

Twosret said...


Testing moderation (1,2,3...) test :)

Tater said...


I'm afraid I'm the wrong person to ask as I don't even have a blog myself! But I know it's possible for you, the blog owner, to ban individuals (actually their portal address) so that they can read but not comment. Or at least blogger used to do that. Knew of individuals that got banned from other sites for rude behavior (comments) in the comment section.

Tater said...

Did a little searching don't think you can ban individuals on blogger, instead you have to use haloscan--which will allow you to ban individual (via their IP address). Unfortunately, if the individual signs in on another computer (IP address) he/she will be able to comment.

Not much help today, sorry.

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

Highlander I dont think you ban users, but you can ask them to no longer post, and if push comes to shove contact blogger, and they will cancle the account.

Curt from Houston said...

Highlander, I believe that I have always tried to keep my comments on your blog at the very least civil. I to find it annoying when a thread deteriorates into a foul language shouting match and just don't allow myself get drawn into them. I am a firm believer in Godwin's law.

Having said that, please feel free to email me if you find any of my comments over the line. How can I send you my email address without posting it here? I prefer to keep the death threats to a minimum when reading my mail.

Highlander said...

Curt you can email me at frommyrock@yahoo.com :)

Twosret said...


You are so funny :) death threats from the blogsphere? now that is news to me. Your comments were not that bad was it?

Not that I agree with your posts but you are very mild compared to others :)

Stay indoors it is very hot and sticky :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried "post-moderation" ?
I mean to for a period

1. Check the blog very often, without blog moderation
2. delete all the foul posts

(1 is an important part in that)

Anonymous said...

In case I wasnt clear enuff: I meant "post" not as in posting but "post" as afterwards.