Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ramadan in Libya and the USA

Redenclave asked about working hours in Libya during Ramadan. Well the Labour office has set them from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm . We do no work in the evening and sleep mornings as in KSA.
I must admit I love those working hours during Ramadan. I won't make posts about the lovely dishes that Mama HL makes at home since the Libyan bloggers have joined their friends and already have a special blog for their recipes here , yummy!

This year we had some cool Libyan TV programs

Haj hamad mentioned here before , and which is a satirical figure is my favourite Libyan Ramadan show. The screenshot above shows his house and car parked out front. Typical Libyan. He has a CD player in this car and an anti -theft central lock alarm system. Notice the satellite dish on the roof ? a must in ALL Libyan homes.

This here is another Libyan society cartoon show. Apparently that's how we look :P.

I was looking for how Ramadan is celebrated in the US and found this cute and positive article so I thought I'd share it with you guys:

"Muslims in the United States face special challenges in celebrating their holy month, which this year began Sept. 23 and ends Oct. 22. While Muslims in the Islamic world revive the daily rhythms of Ramadan - streets empty at sunset, families congregating for Ramadan dinners, or iftars, and later heading to the markets to drink tea until the wee hours of the morning, comfortable in the knowledge that they can sleep late because others will, too - Muslim-Americans have to adjust Ramadan to the beat of American life."

This clearly demonstrates that Muslim Americans are fully integrated , makes me happy I guess.


NOMAD said...

any video available for the cartoons ?

programmer craig said...

The cartoons look cute, wish i could watch them :)

This clearly demonstrates that Muslim Americans are fully integrated , makes me happy I guess.

Muslims do very well in the US, even during the "war on terror" and all. I know some would disagree but I think muslims are the second most successful immigrant group in America, right after the Chinese. That's something to be happy about, yes... at least, it makes me happy :)

LadyCroc said...

You forgot the hidden camera program

Anonymous said...

You're lucky. Over here we work till 5!

1 said...

I'll have to agree with craig on this one. Lets just hope the federal government does not forget this and begin rounding us up like they did the Japanese.

Unfortunetly for me, and the rest Muslims in America who want nothing more then to live in peace, and be assured that our ethnic group is nothing being killed back in the countries which we immigrated from. This does not seem to be the case. The military Commisons act of 2006, hints that the Government may very well be intrested in rounding up large numbers of "people of intrest"
(the M.O for Muslims and Arab Americans) arresting us, without charge, holding us without trial indefinatly. I hope I am wrong.

UmmAminah said...

now i'm really missing everything about Libya.

1 said...

good Artical. H.
I have never celebrated Ramadan back in libya, but its not so bad here in America. Mondays thru thursdays I have to break my fast a hour late becuase I have a 3 hour physics class during sunset on mondays and wensdays, and a 4 hours chemistry class, tuesady and Thursdays. So that sux. friday, Satarday, and sunday are good. I usually break fast at the Mosque, and hit the hooka cafe very Cool atmosphere. Free internet connection, and the works.

but what makes ramadan great is the Do you watch Tash Ma Tash ? lol. Dude I been watching since they brought it to Its sooooo funny, it can kill ya:)

Montage said...

Hey, i'd actually like to see these cartoons..

Not fair that you finish work so early.

Anglo-Libyan said...

my kids love Haj Hamad but they can't always understand him, still they enjoy the show which is about the only thing they watch on Libyan TV here since they have Disney channel and tend to watch High School Musical everyday! I am so sick of it and the music just wont leave my head, music is not that bad actually :o)

Highlander said...

Nomad, I'm sure there are some DVDs available of the cartoon, but no idea if someone has uploaded videos on youtube. I did not find any. Any Libyan volunteering to do so out there ? I'm technically challenged :P

Red enclave he he he I know , that's why I love Ramadan :)

Programmer-Craig , well I'm glad to hear that Muslims do well in the States, I did hear they were successful in their business etc.

Safia, yes do you recall 'hidden camera'( candid camera ). I don't really like it but we used to watch the Tunisian one until it really got too much - I mean once they almost gave a heart attack playing a prank on someone. I was off it since then and that's since the 90s.

LW thanks for the info I'm going to address your concern in another post - wait for that :
I used to watch Tash Ma Tash , they really do well critisizing the Saudi society hilarious. It is very successful, but I have to prioritize so I watch only 3 shows now out of 200 Arab Ramadan shows ( yes ). And this week I stopped watching anything.

UmmAminah , so sorry you are missing Libya, I miss it too if I'm away for more than a week.Will you come for Eid ?

Shahrazad :) thank you for visiting my blog , you are welcome. As I said hopefylly some Libyan techie will put them online.

AngloLibyan, I am so glad you get to watch Libyan TV in the UK ,you must have a 'dish' I think this is important to keep connected with here. Do you speak Arabic to your kids ?

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes I do speak arabic to my kids all the time but they mainly answer in English, they do learn arabic at school and at home but like anyone else born here, English will always be their first language.