Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fifteen 'things' I love

Twosret tagged me for my 15 favourite things , she made such a good job herself that I feel embarassed that my favourite things will seem so plain in comparison .... well here we go

(1) Blogging - no comment I'm officially addicted with no remedy in site.
(2) Foyles Bookshop - everything under the sun.
(3) Belly dancing - Samia Gamal is my hero and I've seen all her movies ...
(4) Driving the car very fast - I find it therapeutic.
(5) Gold and ethnic jewelry
(6) The Ummayad Mosque in Damascus.
(7) Indian silk sari .
(8) Libyan folkloric music
(9) Guerlain 'kiss Kiss 'lisptick
(10) My boots' collection and more boots if possible - please note the hot pink ones ( yummy)
(11) Beirut ( Lebanon)- has a special place in my heart .
(12) My shebsheb :P
(13) Libyan summer nights.
(14) The Message ( best movie of all times ).
(15) Last but not least ! My laptop :P ( check the desktop challenge since October 2005 to which Sandmonkey finally replied in April 2006 LOL -better late than never )


programmer craig said...

Love the way you did that with all the link, H... is that bracelet in the picture yours? And you like *real* cowboy boots!? I'm surprised! I would have though you'd go for the trendy knock-offs :)

Nomad said...

le bracelet est super

Non-Blogging said...

What a lovely list, such a nice and versatile combination of everything from the East and the West and girlie stuff like make up and jewellery and non-girlie stuff like speeding and addiction to a bookstore ;-).

I'd rather be hit on my head by shebsheb zanouba than pink boots ;-).

(Hmmm... just wondering how a silk sari and pink boots fit together... hmm... still wondering...)

red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors said...

How long does it take to complete the list? I attempted on doing the same, I admit, it's very difficult.

You LUV gold, i see! Arab women are fond of gold, I remember mom telling me that Arab men had to provide a certain amount of gold for his bride, it's not dowry, right? or is it?

I think you should write an entry about Libyan weddings!*hint, hint*

Highlander said...

Programmer_Craig , thanks , the bracelet is not mine and I've put the link for it in ethnic jewelry page, but I do have two similar ones in gold and a silver one , they are Libyan traditional bracelets and I simply adore them and love showing them off.
Yes I like real cowboy boots even when they are pink coloured:)

Nomad , moi aussi je trouve qu'il est super, tu aimes les bijoux en general ?

NBA :P I still have not worn my saris with the boots , but you giving me ideas man .. I am crazy like that LOL.

Redenclave it took me about one hour and a half to complete it - pls do it and shows your 15 things !
PS everyone is welcome to do the meme.
As for dowries I'll point you to these two posts

Twosret said...

Thanks for responding Highlander, I own Kiss Kiss too! no wonder we are friends.

Oh those black and white boots you showed me will be great to kick some cowboys butt lol!

Lovely list.

Nomad said...

I don't wear jewelry, only a clock one; my husband keeps buying me a new one each birthday ! I prefer pratical things to wear, but I enjoy seeing beautiful things, especially hand-made and original artesanat

Sereeb said...

Impressive list HL! I love the picture of the Demlej (this is what we call in in Benghazi). Oh, it reminds me of my grandmother’s. Though, I like it better in silver.

Hey HL, is there any chance to squeeze in Rara skirts in your list? Hehehe, They go perfect with cowboy boots, right? hehehe

Highlander said...

Sereeb hahaha how did you know ? I love my jeans rara skirt and do wear it with my boots - that's when people think I'm underage, and the undergrad's ask me out LOL.

Yes I love the Deblej too and the khulkhal .

Safia speaks said...

(1) Potato chips - only way to stop me eating them is by outlawing them!
(2) Ahhhh - books!
(3) Writing - just can´t keep my hands shut
(4) Jokes of any kinds, especially the grotesque, burlesque hard cracking jokes, the worse the better
(5) Dallas - God knows why this silly TV-series from the 70ies has caught me so much I put away all other priorities once the clock turns 1330h
(6) Travelling - the world is simply SO INTERESTING
(7) Horror and science fiction movies
(8) Walking - makes me relax so much
(9) Competition - people hate me for doing it, but I´m the kind of woman still shouting: "Who gets to the car first?" - even though I should be past that age
(10) History - I just love looking at pictures to see how a place has developed and changed; I find old history fascinating and if time travel is invented, I´ll be the first to jump the jaunt
(11) The Libyan desert - especially at night and in the morning; the desert breathes and is alive - I´m not joking you can feel it!
(12) Kids - sadly I have only 3, but I am compensating by teaching, although it is a lousy wage to earn
(13) Tiger, my canary
(14) My religion - the more I learn about it, the more I am sure of it
(15) took me some years but I finally learned to accept and love myself....

Angry Libyan American said...

Awsome list H!

Okay my list.

1.My Comic Books( I have 100,000's of thousands, been collecting since I was6, Still collecting to this day)
2. My Dean made DIME guitar
3. 60 GB Ipod
4. Anykind of Folk Metal especially Nordic, Middle Eastern, Caucasion, Slavic, and Latin.
5.Cherry Icees
6.Military Collectables
7.Mythology and folklore(especially Romo/Greek, Celtic, nordic, and Middle Eastern.)
9.History (especially Islamic History)
11.Military Stratagy games(Civilization,ect..)
Joss is a Geniuse. I love buffy i own all the Seasons of it on Dvd. Never Missed a Episode from the time i was in 3rd grade till 10 grade.

13.Dungeons & Dragons

14.Libya(Luptis Magna, Zuwara, and weekend drives to the mountains night drives with my cousin through the desert jamming slayer, and the families farm.)

15. MY BED. Nothing is more comforting then my bed. i have a sleep number mattress, HIM sheets and covers, and tons of pillows, and the light never shines in during the morning.)

Nomad said...

hey Argurzil, # 4 and # 7 would suit Craig :lol:

I put my favorite N° 1 on my place, too long for here

programmer craig said...

I find it kind of discouraging that I have so many interests in common with a guy like LibyanWarrior...

Hey, LW, I was playing D&D when it first came out in the early 1970s. "Chainmail" as well (a rule system for tabletop wargaming written by Gary Gygax, which was the direct predecessor of D&D)

The game hasn't been worth playing since about 1980, in my opinion, though. It used to be a game for smart kids, and then it became a game for adult dorks :p

Nomad said...

No 2 is on

Leilouta said...

I love the bracelet!!! I bought a similar one last time I was in Tunisia along with some rings and earrings, but I lost them thanks to Alitalia....

Adam said...

What a lovely list HL! And Safia mantioned the Sahara, I must agree it is quite wonderful! And LW's #15. Yeah I love my bed too.

And Craig! if you were into those games in the 70's: did you ever try Nomic? I saw it in Scientific American in maybe 1980. It is game based on a set of rules, and all actions are (initially) changes to the rules. So actually it could morph into anything. It seemed kinda cool but I never got around to try it. I wonder if this cool idea is actually fun to play...

Nomad said...

No 3 : De Helleborus, is on

Anonymous said...

Adam, interesting link! No, never palyed that... looks like the article which inspired the game was published late in 1982, which is when I joined the USMC. I was in the big leagues of "changing the rules" by then :P

Highlander said...

Twosret :) yes I still want those boots I showed you , which KissKiss lipstick you like ? my favourite is no.12.

Nomad, I am shocked how can you not wear jewelry ? ah your husband is a darling :P

Safia he he he I have yet to see all the episodes of Dallas I never found out how it ended and I used to be so in love with Patrick Duffy ( Bobby I think ). But only because I had seen his old movie the man from Atlantis . Nice body.

LW (aka Agurzil) yay for Buffy , I know it is silly but I liked the girl , though I felt she look quite old in the last episodes.

Craig :P it is ok to share same tastes as LW , maybe that's why you guys keep 'bickering'-

Leilouta , hopefully you can buy them again from the souk , I've seen some nice silver ones, you will find in Libya lovely ones two antique and new ( silver or if you prefer gold ).

Adam :) glad to see you here again, there is nothing as majestic as the Sahara . What's with the games - am I the only one who does not play them ?

red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors said...

Hey H
since you watch Dallas, maybe you should also list down what other shows in the 80's that you have watched or love to watch again,Dynasty? ;P

What about Santa Barbara...

p/s I can't believe B&B is still on...when will it end?

Angry Libyan American said...

, though I felt she look quite old in the last episodes.

Yeah She looked She was 25, 26 yearsold. SMG was 18 when she took the role. But the Spike looked young I was shooked to here he was like over 40.