Thursday, October 26, 2006

Libyan students in the US

Was lately thinking about furthering my education and while browsing for some ideas I stumbled on this interesting post: "First Libyan students arrive in the US since 1980 "

For the first time since 1980, Libyan nationals are enrolled at a US
university. Oklahoma State University welcomed 7 Libyan students after
diplomatic ties were reestablished between the US and Libya.

The bloggers also provide a link to the OSU paper , here is an excerpt :

Bahaeddin Elhmidi is the youngest of the international students. At 19 and
fresh out of high school, Elhmidi admitted he wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as
the others.“I’ve been homesick since my first day,” Elhmidi said.Elhmidi left
behind several brothers and sisters in Libya, and a “special person” that
brought a smile to his face. He said everyone at OSU and in Stillwater has been
“more than nice” and so far he has enjoyed meeting all the new people the most.

Good luck to them and we are proud of you guys . I wish they could start a blog so that we follow their adventures and so that Baha's girlfriend erm... 'special person' can keep and eye on him :P


Highlander said...

Lebeeya said...
Aww @ the 'Special person'.


Fri Oct 27, 10:33:08 AM 2006
red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors said...
Give it a go. If so, in what field would you hope to specialize in? Any particular varsity you dream of enrolling in?

Fri Oct 27, 05:05:44 PM 2006
Highlander said...
lol Lebeeya :)

Redenclave - yes Harvard , Berkeley, UCLA or Washington DC,
I wish to study Law :) ...but this is tooooooooooo expensive for me.

Fri Oct 27, 05:16:14 PM 2006
programmer craig said...
Highlander, if you study at Georgetown you'll be near Leilouta, Freedom for Egyptians, Natasha and so many other arab bloggers :)

If you go to UCLA, though, you'll be near your number one fan, moi :P

Fri Oct 27, 07:33:48 PM 2006
Chris in MB said...
sooo what the heck is wrong with Canada, EH??!!

I didn't realize that the lack of diplomatic ties in the past made any difference when it came to accepting foreign students!

Fri Oct 27, 10:20:32 PM 2006
Highlander said...
Programmer_Craig :) thanks for correcting me I was trying to remmember the name Georgetown :) yes that's the one I want.
#1 fan eh :P

Chris , I don't think lack of diplomatic relations affects intake of foreign students. Those who can afford to study on their own already are studying/have studied there if it is their choice.
I think the students in the article are exhange students or those sent on scholarships to the States. Scholarships are indeed affected by diplomatic relations.I hope I have been able to clarify that point.

Sat Oct 28, 02:01:02 AM 2006

Highlander said...

I may need to move to another address .. have been having lots of trouble lately and had to republish the entire blog

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

they say that wordpress is good maybe u should try it?

red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors said...

I'd have to agree with anonymous. Come on over H.

Highlander said...

how do I change to wordpress Red and take my archive and comments with me ? any hints ?

Anonymous said...

these links might help:


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It seems easy even though i haven't done it myself which would explain my optimisim, but i know many blogger who have moved in a matter of days with no problems.

red_enclave: from behind closed doors said...

You could try it's free. There's no hassle. Once you've registered all you need to do is upload, you won't lose a single thing. Trust me.

Highlander said...

Thanks anonymous and Redenclave I will try but it seems like tough work and I'm technically challenged :P

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