Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Highlander's top blogs choice: Happy 2008

Happy new year - inshallah this year will bring satisfaction of the soul and material success to you all.

A few months ago I thought of doing " my own Libyan blogs competition and give the Highlander Award for excellence or originality once every three months or bi-annually".

Well here we are it's the first day in 2008, time to reflect on the past year and deliver the goods... they are not in any particular order! suspense ?....

- Duniazad and her blog Dunia. Erudite work
- Tasnim - political analysis
- AngloLibyan - well rounded diverse topics
- Safia Speaks - the adventures of a Libyan woman abroad
- PH - smart - wise yet fun
- Lebeeya - one woman show
- White African - a breath of fresh air
- Braveheart - a Libyan knight

From the Arab blogs Riverbend reigns as Queen supreme while Zaydoun from Kuwait Interrupted is the most interesting.

The trophy for honourary Libyans goes to Ibeebarbie and Globetrottingen!

But honestly all the Libyan bloggers are unique :P check Braveheart's Award too :)

A big virtual hug from Highlander


Khalid said...

and the trophy for the pioneer libyan blogger goes to the one and only Highlander :)
Happy New Year, may 2008 bring you joy, love and peace

Highlander said...

Thank you CNN Libya - I am overwhelmed ....*insert blushing here*

white african said...

thanks highlander :)

Hiba said...

HaPpY NeW YeaR 2008

Anonymous said...

Thanks H, gosh, not even sure if I deserve it though! Thanks anyways.

I have to agree with CNN Libya, you should be crowned the Founding Father (change that to Princess) of Libyan Bloggers! I had an enjoyable trip following your tales and adventure, your insightful comments and opinion on certain issues, your courage to speak out / speak your mind out on sensitive issues.

Please H, do continue posting your great entries.

a_akak said...

Again not in there :(

Happy NEW year and may 2008 bring you more happiness and success

Fe Aman allah

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year





My city favourite band


Anonymous said...

Hello to all!. I am from Malta. I read many of the blocks who got their trophy. Well you all deserve it. Wish you all a happy new year and peace for all.
Your friend in Malta

غازي القبلاوي Ghazi Gheblawi said...

great choices Highlander, wish you a 2008 full of posts and comments and interesting subjects, you are one of the best blogs in the blogosphere. happy new year


Anonymous said...

New York Times has to ruin my New Year Day by writing another article about Muslim Gays.

Lucky I read the newspaper in the evening :-)

Every three weeks, they have an article with a headline Muslim Gays, in Iraq, San Francisco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and now Berlin.

I do not see this newspaper writing about human right violations in the Arab World just negative news about Arab World or Iran because it is good business.

Persepolis, the animated film which was mentioned in Tasnim blog reminds me of another anti Iran movie Not Without My Daughter. Lately every newspaper is writing excellent reviews about this film just because it is anti Iran. The truth it is well made but to win prizes is a big joke.


Interesting video clip and scary


PH said...

Happy New year Highlander and Mabrouk on the Laptop and thanks for the award :D.


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Highlander,
Shukran! To be thought of an honorary Libyan is indeed quite an honor *blushing*. To be part of this fantastic group of individuals that I consider my family, friend and confidant is unbelievable. May Allah bless you always, and may 2008 be an incredible year for you.

S.Hamid said...

Happy new Year ..!

Brave Heart said...

Sallam HL ,Happy New Year, thanks for the title, hope this year will be more successful than the previous ones. could you check this suadi blogger, she is one of my best

Anonymous said...

Hi there dear long time no see !
A happy belated a) eid
b) new year

Wishing you the best for the this new year and more to come. Have really missed you!

guess who ?

Anglo-Libyan said...

I commented here few days ago, I do not know what happened!!

anyway, many thanks dear highlander, I am very honoured :o)
best wishes to you and your family

Tasnim said...

thanks highlander! and tashakurat for elevating my rants into analysis as well, lol ;)

happy new year u inshallah ili mal7agteesh idirih fi 07 idirih fi 08.

Rose Bud said...

Please add me to your Libyan Blog site. I am Libyan living abroad.:)

Rose Bud said...

Ok Strike that comment I can see I was added. You might want to add my mom she is living in Libya http://on-the-edge-of-something.blogspot.com/