Friday, April 22, 2005

Another Libyan blog ---UPDATED UPDATED

Yes slowly but surely they are multiplying it seems. Go meet Alsharif at Libya our home . So far he only has one post . He reminds me of someone from the blogosphere but I just can't remmember who..

Update 26-4-05 yes more Libya blogs

You definitely want to check this Libyan blog as well, Fatima a mother of seven lives in the US and visits back to Libya with her family quite regularly, she has some lovely photos of Libyan life. Your chance to see how we really are ...sort of breaking the ice , she's already dreading driving in Tripoli . I think she may have a point there. But that's for another post.

I may have to do something about reorganising those links again, aaah the hard life we bloggers live.
Anyway WELCOME Fatima show us your Libya! @ Fatimaslibya

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