Monday, April 25, 2005

An over zealous policeman

Just my luck , first week back in Tripoli and I get a fine for talking on the cellphone and driving.
It's a whoopping 500 LD, that's more than the salary of two civil servants ( government employees). It's good he did not confiscate my car too . Well you know what? I'll just risk driving without my permit for a while I can't get unluckier than that now can I ?

I knew I should have listened to my friend and batted my eyelashes , giggled and smiled stupidly for once. Acting serious, professional and contrite does not work in this type of situation.
So it's a dilemna: your money or your reputation? because this guy is going to talk about you to his gang in the evening ...
What would you do in my place ?
oh well C'est la vie !


removedalready said...

If I were you, I wouldn't have batted my eyelashes too. You never know what would happen, he'll either fine you @ send you to jail. Even worse if he asked for your number...ekkk..that's a nightmare.

I hate roadblocks too. When I was in Tapah (a small village in the state of Perak), I used to avoid roadblock. They had roadblocks at 3pm to 6pm daily. Damn stupid. The damn policeman would stop me for no reason..asked for my ID. Come on I've been driving the same road for 3 years. So I avoid going to town between 3-6. I know it's stupid...but I hate the looks they gave me. I could see them smiling through my rear view mirror. Thank God I'm back in KL.

Don't smile @ wink at policemen..they think you're hitting on them!...I wanna puke!

MG said...

If I were you, batting my eyelashes and smiling silly would've got me locked up for sure, well depending on the policemen sexual orientation lol
But I guess girls could use little bit of seductiveness and charm, which could help them in these kinda situations.
Bullying will always work the opposite effect, I was in your kinda situation a couple of years when Cairo traffic had these trend of applying strict rules, and a policemen stopped me for talking on my cell phone... and I thought I would get away with it... by intimidating the guy you know like saying "My uncle is General whatshisface and my cousin is the assistant for the Minister of Blah Blah" and stuff like that and making up many names and positions as possible. But not only the guy fined me 500 pounds and confiscated my driving license... he never gave me a receipt slip. I had to search through all of Cairo traffic stations for my license and after two months I found my licence in some God forsaken traffic station in Shoubra. So, from now on humilating myself through endless begging is my technique.

Fatimaslibya said...

Thanks for the tip. I'am planning on driving when l get to Libya, this summer, even though the thought kinda of scares me, l've seen how they drive, and it gives me the shakes just thinking about it....But, oh well, l have to get to work somehow, and the girls will have to get to school also. I just put up a blog myself a couple of days ago. Here it is if you want to check it out sometimes:
I really enjoy reading yours. Keep up the great work. Take care. Fatima

khadijateri said...

Shame on you! Talkingon the cell phone while driving is very dangerous! Just driving in Libya is dangerous period - but then add the phone too! I have heard they will stop you for this offence, but I've yet to hear of anyone that has actually paid the fine.

Highlander said...

red_enclave, I would never wink at a policeman - especially in Libya boy he would think I'm ready to fall into his lap ...

Magdee , you always have to have another twist to the tale eh ;) but I like you for it. I never try bullying at all and I won't look for wasta either. Because anyway the person who will do you a 'favour' wants one in return right ? another catch 22. I'm just very courteous and serious. The problem even with this behaviour is that the policeman thinks he is God's gift to women and behaves sleezily just in case you want to be seduced. Last summer I got pulled over at the same spot for the same offense (I just never learn I guess). I pretended I did not know why I was stopped, well the law had only been introduced a couple of months earlier so I was able to get away with that, but he had the cheek to ask me for a date!which I politely refused. Bas mish kil mara tislam al jarra so I did not try it this time . Sorry about your driving licence getting lost in bureaucracy at least you found it after a while lol. As for mine ( another incident a few years back- parking at NO parking spot -yes I love being an outlaw he he ) the guy liked the photo soo much he kept it for himself and when I went to pay the fine he vehemently denied having taken my driving licence and . He said he had returned it to me .. So moral of story , I paid a fine + hassle of getting another one . hmmm maybe I should have smiled.

Highlander said...

Fatimaslibya welcome thank you for sharing your blog with us.
Don't worry about driving in Libya, it's much easier than in the UK where all the signs and stops make one colour blind.. just remember that each car has a potential lunatic and you will be safe and wear a seatbelt okay no matter what !

Highlander said...

Well Khadijateri, believe me the law has been promulgated since around March 2004, and they were enforcing it sometimes it just depends what time of the month it is and where you are obviously driving in Baladia street just by the Elmadar offices I was asking for trouble ! I knew I should have got that bluetooth headgear .
So the fine is from 250-500 LD . I forgot the exact details.

And by the way the seatbelt has also been compulsory since 1988 at least but they rarely choose to enforce it . That fine is 50 LD.

And no for those wondering I don't work in traffic department , otherwise they would not stop me would they lol ;)

Twosret said...


Sorry about the ticket. I never had a ticket before but I had an incident when I was stopped.

I cried hysterically, my baby daughter was very hungry and screaming her lungs out. The officer and I could hardly hear each other. I never gave him a chance to tell me why he stopped me. I kept telling him how important it is for me to get home, I'm pregnant and have a crying hungry baby in the car and he has to let me go :)

The poor guy got frustrated from us crying and he just asked me to go LOL!

I think if you show remorse and beg a little saying "I'm sorry officer I promise not to use it again I really needed to make this phone call" may be it will work :)


Highlander said...

LOL Twosret that must have been one commotion in your car ;)
I'm afraid begging that officer would not work in my case, the male drivers passing by and seeing him were making all sorts of remarks. Some were supporting him and some were telling him to let me go. I was so embarassed I just wanted to move on...everybody knows everybody else in Tripoli..he he he I could hear the tongues wagging already.