Sunday, April 17, 2005

"From God we come and unto him we return"
"Eart to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust"

It is a small world indeed, and in Libya it is even smaller...To continue with my list of 'depressing posts' as a friend remarked yesterday, I'm sad to say that a fellow cousin of mine died on the operating table in Tunis. Yes we know by now that the Health Sector is in shambles since the sanctions and still has not recovered; and people must travel abroad for such things as a simple heart bypass surgery etc.. Well the weird part was that a friend of mine was at the funeral today and he emailed me to say that he met my family there. Of course he would, we are still tribal people and funerals are even more important than weddings in Libya. Everybody to the last remote cousin, neighbour, friend and colleague is going to show up. What is even weirder is that last time I visited at their house he seemed so frail to me and I hugged him to say goodbye - this is a no-no in Libya- even though he is an old man and virtually like an uncle to me. I hate it when my premonitory sense kicks in leaves nothing but pain. I am really saddened at the passing away of this relative as he was a gentleman and lively person who knew me since I was in my diapers literally...My projected trip to Tripoli next week will not be a happy occasion I guess. God bless his soul. Allah yirhamu !


AlanK said...


all I can offer is condolances for your loss.

perhaps the best thing to think of it that the darkest hour is always before the dawn

khadijateri said...

Illa lillah wa ilalilahi rajiun.

Mohamed said...

enna lellah wa enna ellayhe raje3oon. Such is life.

Allah yer7amo we yeghferlo. Make do3a'a for him.

highlander said...

Thank you all for your kind feelings.

removedalready said...

in condolences for your loss.

American Imperialist said...

Please, support the war on terror, adopt a sniper on

Thank you.

smokey spice said...

Baraka fi ruskum ya highlander. As khadijateri, mohamed, and red enclave said before me, ina lilahi wa lilahi raji'un.

american imperialist obviously has no clue of etiquette, and I'm sorry you were subject to that.


Highlander said...

thanks Smokey_spice..mush 3arfa shinu qusta hal rajel zai ma la7dti nistakrid fi.
PS is my Libyan understandable

smokey spice said...

Yes, the Libyan is understandable.