Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Muslim World Outreach strategy

....... or how to reach the hearts and minds. I stumbled upon this article and though it was a daunting 10 pages please go read here . Highly recommended.

To wet your appetite, some excerpts:

The White House has approved a classified new strategy, dubbed Muslim World Outreach, that for the first time states that the United States has a national security interest in influencing what happens within Islam.

Intelligence operatives have set up bogus jihad websites and targeted the Arab news media ....

What a relief... not all the Jihadi websites are real he he he ..

Another strategy being pursued is to make peace with radical Muslim figures who eschew violence. At the top of the list: the Muslim Brotherhood, the pre-eminent Islamist society, founded in 1928 and now with tens of thousands of followers worldwide. Many brotherhood members, particularly in Egypt and Jordan, are at serious odds with al Qaeda. "I can guarantee that if you go to some of the unlikely points of contact in the Islamic world, you will find greater reception than you thought," says Milt Bearden, whose 30-year CIA career included long service in Muslim societies. "The Muslim Brotherhood is probably more a part of the solution than it is a part of the problem." Indeed, sources say U.S. intelligence officers have been meeting not only with the Muslim Brotherhood but also with members of the Deobandi sect in Pakistan, whose fundamentalism schooled the Taliban and inspired an army of al Qaeda followers.

We are seeing this with mellowing towards Hizbullah ( Lebanon) and Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt).

In crafting their strategy, U.S. officials are taking pages from the Cold War playbook of divide and conquer. One of the era's great successes was how Washington helped break off moderate socialists from hard-core Communists overseas. "That's how we're thinking. . . . It's something we talk about all the time," says Peter Rodman, a longtime aide to Henry Kissinger and now the Pentagon's assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs. "In those days, it was covert. Now, it's more open.

Divide & conquer ? so what's new ..

The lesson Washington needs to learn, Harrison says, goes back to the Cold War--that the world matters and America needs to stay engaged. "You never declare victory," she warns. "You do not declare that it's the end of history and go home. The job is to continue pushing the boulder up and up, to keep investing, keep connecting."

Highlander's advice : when you honestly invest in a relationship without patronising it pays off in the end.

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Æmilius said...

This was interesting. Thanks.

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highlander said...

Aemilius, glad you liked it , I had a look at your log and I found it interesting as well .