Monday, June 13, 2005


Aliens and alien abduction stories are a recurring fad; witness the latest Star Wars series and Dr. Who. However, this is not the stuff of Hollywood or books, there are ordinary people out there like you and me who claim they have been 'abducted' or have met aliens or ETs.

I'm not ready to dismiss them all toghether because I'm thinking that it would be boring if there was only us out there. Moreover, the Qur'an decribes God as 'Lord of the worlds ' not Lord of the world so I'm open minded to the theory that perhaps there are other worlds out there..... or maybe the 'worlds' are the different dimensions of zoology, virology, bacteriology,and all the other '..logy'.

Usually people who have had this experience are denigrated and asked to put tinfoil caps on etc..
Yet one professor saw their need and reached out to them and did a study about that.
John Mack " turned the academic community upside down because he wanted to publish his research in which he said that people who claimed they had been abducted by aliens, were not crazy at all. Their experiences, he said, were genuine. " Please see the rest of the BBC article here. He died last year .

The world 'alien' is also used to depict a foreigner in the USA, I was surprised at this word when I first saw the ID ( or residence or driving licence I think) of a French friend of mine which said ALIEN... :) I felt it relegated foreigners to the status of that beast Sigourney Weaver was fighting. But that is an offside note

So has anyone of you had any 'close encounter' of the strange kind and if so do you want to share it with us here ? What about the others what's your take on that ? I'm really curious as this has always been a fascinating topic for me .

...and NO I'm not an alien!


Anonymous said...


I sure hope that you are not cracking down under the pressures Highlander ;-)

I think that ETs do exist out there. But they are most likely too far away to give us a visit.
millions of light years are not easy to cross.

Radio telescopy has not received a single intelligent signal from the stars. And our electromagnetic emissions are only 50 years old, hence only 50 light years away. Hardly crossing a small neighborhood inside our milky way galaxy.

My theory on the subject is this:
Similar to the fact that every Galaxy was created by a giant Black Hole still residing at its core. Then I would like also to
assume that there is only one planet in each galaxy honored by
our creator with the gift of life. and all that comes with it....religions, profits, ...

So the nearest ETs, in my opinion, are in the nearest galaxy to our one. But still too far away to even send us a radio signal...... in our life time.

Sorry to disappoint you my friend.
But that is what I think.


programmer craig said...

I also believe there are alien life-forms on other planets. I don't even think they are all that uncommon. As big as the galaxy is, let alone the Universe, I don't see how we (humans) can believe that our 1 little planet is unique.

I also think that some of the theories about how the earth may have been "seeded" at some time in the distant past are interesting... some of them are even fairly plausible.

BTW, Highlander... used as a noun, it's only the fourth defintion out of five for "alien" that refers to outer space. The first definition is:

1. An unnaturalized foreign resident of a country. Also called noncitizen.

removedalready said...

i am curious..who is programmer craig? ;) if you're reading this, do you have a blog?

AlanK said...


I think it was the other way around, that aliens were given the name after illegal immigrants as they were not from Earth

also most of the people making these claims are either mad, also correlation exists between those struck by lightning which increases chances of having an experience

also most claims since end WW2, before that many people claimed Ghosts etc

There are a few interesting claims, but they do not involve probing, if they do you know it is fake

Personally also think Aliens exist, but probably too far away

programmer craig said...

Hi, Red Enclave... no blog, sorry! I'd start one except I'm worried it would consume too much of my time!

I've been doing commercial and industrail software development for the last... wow, 15 years now...

So I guess, for "Who am I?" - I am programmer craig!

Highlander said...

Thanks for the explanation of 'alien' Craig and Alan.
I think I made it obvious that I think ETs exist , though I'm not sure about the probing. My theory is that they don't abduct you but maybe invite you on trip to their world.. ok maybe I'm in looney land here and 'cracking' as DM says .
Red_enclave ;) lol girl nice question I wanted to aske craig the same thing as well.

Anonymous said...

To everybody:

Please allow me to point you to this nice website. It has an article that presents many Islamic points on this subject:


Michael said...

Some say that I am an alien myself.


Michael said...

On a more serious note: it's clear that there is a lot of garbage. But the sheer amount of verifiable UFO sightings gives a certain credibility to the thesis of aliens visiting our planet.

The most famous occurrence in my country happened some fifteen years ago in an area south of Liege where 2,000 people saw UFOs. Belgian Air Force F16s scrambled but were unable to get close to them. Radar showed the objects accelerating at an unbelievable pace which would have killed normal humans.

The incidents are commonly referred to as "the Belgian triangle". A google for that expression + "UFO" will yield quite a lot.

As for abductions, I haven't made my mind up on that yet. But I once read the book by Whitley Striber and he brings it very plausible.

I guess there's strange things happening out there, but for the moment I care more about beating the lefties.

Anonymous said...

Hey Highlander

They say that we usually tend to "overestimate" on the short run and "underestimate" on the long run. That is when forcasting the future.

As a result I would like to retract my last prediction of no ET contacts for a long time to come.

We may well discover new ways to cross vast distances of the universe using novel and previously unimaginable ways. Like travelling through black or warm holes or whatever. Something which an advanced civilisation somewhere else may have been already using to give us these ufo visits.

Why not. everything is possible I guess. So keep on thinking Highlander ..... If you can find the time for it ....... ;-)

Thanks for the insight Michael


Highlander said...

interesting website DM , thanks

Michael , hi where have you been hiding man ;) not been abducted have you? anyway thanks about the Belgian triangle thingy never knew about that !

Lina said...

Hello Highlander...

Well in my teen years I always wondered about this, I felt certain there had to be some other life out there, even if- like you put it- from the '-ology' family :) I was sure that all those science fiction stories and people's encounters with aliens had to originate from something real!!

But to tell you the truth I don't care much now because I feel there are far more important issues on this earth to worry about and reflect upon... so unless those aliens make proper contact in a way that affects life on earth, or unless I'm personally abducted, they don't exist for me :)

(you know the cliche argument that if a tree falls in some forest and no one knows about it, it didn't fall!! something like that)

Michael said...

Hi Highlander. Well, I'm still there, but lurking most of the time.

Here's a link on what is called the Belgian Triangle.

I remember the events quite well. Actually it was a great number of sightings between late 1989 and early 1991, mostly in a triangular area to the south of Liege.

I GUARANTEE you that a Belgian Air Force general gave a press conference during which he showed a video with the movements of the ufo's as registered by radar. The radar images also showed in a corner the speed and acceleration of the objects. At some point they accelerated so fast that it would have killed any human being.

Nite all, gotta go to sleep.

highlander said...

Lina, I know what you mean ...
Michael , thanks for the link , strange story really .