Thursday, June 02, 2005

The 'birth' of a new STAR

A little bit of humour for a change, here is an Arabic cartoon ( thanks B. for sending it to me), critical of how today's (Arab) female pop star become a success. It shows the various process of transformation from an ugly duckling to a 'sex goddess'. You've got the cleaning up phase, the silicone and collagene phase, the liposuction and lifting phase, the slimming phase, the 'painting' and make up phase, and the straightening phase ( hair). The dustbin shows the script or song which seems to be irrelevant, then you have the video clip :).

Today's star all seem to be a little bit 'unnatural' and like in the western press, speculation about whether they had plastic surgery or some extra stuff are ripe especially those before and after photos which can be really embarassing . Enjoy.


AlanK said...


that sounds a little like how people became part of boybands here with manufactured songs which were terrible or contestants on Big Brother that are selected for how "entertaining" or embarresing they can behave

Anonymous said...

Very funny Highlander ... Keep on digging.

I would not hesitate to call this process "The Birth of a Daughter"
not only a star.

As you know the difference between our antiquated Mothers and their modern Daughters in our society can not be better illustrated ... ;-)


highlander said...

It's 5.30 am DM and you are still awake ;)

Highlander said...

Alan , ah don't remind of the manufactured songs ....horrible

khadijateri said...

There's a new medical clinic in Tripoli that offers all kinds of cosmetic serives - I read about it in the news the other day:

The cosmetic dermatology clinic was "extremely well received". This offers specialised treatments, such as botox injections, lip augmentation, dermal fillers, laser hair removal and other cosmetic services.

Now do Libyan women really need lip augmentation? I can understand the laser hair removal - no woman wants to live with facial hair! but I don't understand why anyone would want huge swollen looking lips.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your concern Highlander. But here in the countryside (only 170 kms away from tripoli) This is the only time we could get a phone connection to tripoli for the internet my friend.

Now to the "New Born Star" process, please let me add the following:

did you wonder if that magic process would
do anything to the “brain” of that newly born star?

I am sure nothing …… which would be a disaster because the
Wonderful new creation would think that she is finally at the
Cutting edge of sophisticated cosmopolitan life …… no mental
Improvement is thus needed … I see that happening to soooooo
Many of them …… ;-)


Highlander said...

Khadijateri, yes I read about this clinic it is in mustashfa alhuruq which is offering plastic surgery (unless another clinic has sprang up), while before it was only for accidents and burns i'll try and find the link as they had advertisements online. Libyan women have beautiful lips and noses I think so it is a crime to do anything to that part of the anatomy. aaah it is just someone to make money out of the 'suckers' and too much watching LBC TV ha ha ha.

Highlander said...

of course the brain is left untouched I said DM even the word of the songs were irrelevant notice how they ar picked up from teh dustbin...yes I also noted our so called wonderful new breed of woman ;)