Saturday, June 11, 2005

A book meme (what next !)

First MaGdee then Sandmonkey tagged me for this book meme. Thank you both. I also have to thank DNA for its definition :‘chain email for blogs thingy’.
I thinks what we read says a lot about the person. Moreover, I noticed that one more thing we Arab bloggers have in common ( apart from English language skills) is we READ a lot. So welcome to my world .

Total number of books owned:- Let us say that I had to have them professionally catalogued last year, and to order made to measure bookshelves. Also my mum has threatened to build a 'penthouse' ( read send into exile) on top of our home to ban me and the books if she sees one more book lying on my bedroom floor - oh and I'm very possessive about them seriously.

Last book bought:- Between God and the Sultan by Vikor Knut and Hugh Miles' : Al-Jazeera

Last book read:- L'islamisme en face by Francois Burgat - highly recommended. For non French speakers you can check the English version here.

Five books that mean a lot to you:- Well I am placing the Holy Qur'an out of any competition that goes without saying ( my personal opinion). So here are my top 5.

(1) The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand; since I discovered it at the age of 14 in my uncle's library I fell in love with the main character Howard Roark - no man has measured up to this fictional hero yet ;)
(2) Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert M. Pirsig
(3) Sun Signs - Linda Goodman
(4) The Bible, The Qur'an and Science - Maurice Bucaille
(5) Dictionary of Chemistry

Tag five people to continue this meme:-
(1) Khadijateri(2) Red_enclave(3) Iraqispirit(4) AK_Land(5) Wired Temples .

Wanted to tag Sandmonkey but someone beat me to it. Also Twosret was on my list but she was already tagged.

Of course readers are invited to share their favourite books etc....Please do.


programmer craig said...

Dictionary of Chemistry? Yuk! My Dad is a Chemistry prof and ruined my childhood with his quest for a PhD in organic chemistry :p

I read mostly fiction, when I read for fun, and mostly bad fiction at that... so I guess if I had to pick 5 books that "meant" something to me, at least a few of them would be C/C++ books that I found particularly useful. I can't believe I ordered 3 of the er... self-help? ... books that Sandmonkey recommended!

AlanK said...


Well I filled in the quiz, also an interesting list you have.

Took me while to pick 5 in mine (in end cheated a bit).

What about least favourite book as well

khadijateri said...

I will have to think about this a bit. I love reading - it's trying to find time these days to do it. Will get on it.

removedalready said...

It's not easy. I had to think hard, very hard to choose the 5 best books. It's not like reading romance novels. That is light reading...I think. But I love reading books about culture, life in general

highlander said...

So you don't like chemistry craig ;) I love organic chemistry , but also biochemistry lol.. i like self help books too

Alan, I know it's so difficult to choose only 5 books i really had to be tough.

Khadija : good luck with your list my dear.

Red_enclave : romance novel is when i need a vacation. the problem is i read the economist at the beach ;) my friends think i'm crazy.

removedalready said...

I think I could imagine you reading economist at the beach wearing a wide brim straw hat & sunglasses, drinking orange juice... :P

Highlander said...

lol Red_enclave ... I look weirder than that at the beach.... so much sunblock you'd think I spilled the bottle on myself ...

Karim Elsahy said...

The fountainhead was high on my list too. You read Atlas Shrugged? Its Ayn Rands "Major work". I've ordered it I'll let you know

Highlander said...

Yes I could not choose which was my favourite Atlas Shrugged or the fountainhead, but I had to choose because the fountainhead was the first work of Ayn Ryand that i read ! Let me know how you like it my copy is literaly in shreds from so much use I had to rebind it .

bob said...

1.) Great Expectations - The ultimate story of unrequited love.

2.) Anna Karenina - Levin is a character I'll never forget.

3.)All The Kings Men - Politics of the Great Depression in Louisiana. I gave this book to my step-daughter, and she loved it.

4.)Don Quixote - Everyone has seen the play, few have read the two books. What is amazing is the form and sophistication of the two novels and the humor and wit still rings true four hundred years after it was written. Cervantes wrote it in prison in the 1500's and basically created the form of the modern novel.

5.)Guns of August - Barbara Tuchman's contribution to understanding the forces that shaped 20th century history.

6.)Huck Finn - Moral courage is not taught, it comes from within.