Sunday, June 19, 2005

Interesting blogs

I've been wanting to share these blogs with you for some time, so here I go:

Welcome Myst who has an alternative eye opening spin on current affairs, if you're fed up of mainstream media tune into Damned Empire .


The alluring Baghdad's Mistress , whom I first came accross at Iraqi Bloggers Central. Baghdad's Mistress, calls herself an Iraqi mistress, by that she means prostitute not school teacher or headmaster. You will love her story and attitude. On her blog she is recounting how she got into the escort business to survive even though she is a straight A university student. It breaks your heart to find out that she had to do this after being orphaned and divorced. Baghdad Mistress has a cool wit and a sense of humour, however along with the sleazy details the careful reader will notice that her posts all have a purpose and a moral at the end; she's got some sharp political slant too; this is no 'madam'. What's more she knows how to keep us in suspense !


AlanK said...


I remember reading about Baghdad Mistress before, but I remember hearing that quite a few Iraqi bloggers were claiming it was a fake blog so had not read it in a while, but was an unusual blog nonetheless

highlander said...

I don't think it is a fake blog Alan, she is describing real things from a woman's point view, and the oldest business in the world is available everywhere in the world, this woman was just upfront about it I think. Many girls in the UK work as pole dancers and study at the same time I think it is the same thing. The only problem is that in Iraq this girl has lost her reputation while in the UK for example it is not that tragic, of course I'm not 100% sure but you can give me your point of view here .

programmer craig said...


#Stupid American morons think that
#Iraqi women are nasty hairy

Not all stupid american morons think that!

I thought her blog was interesting, it's too bad she doesn't seem to post any more.

I don't know about the UK, but in America many women work as exotic dancers or even porn stars to pay their way through college, and go on to lead productive and happy lives. It's considered to be kind of glamorous in the US now... but such things have only recently become socially acceptable here. And, unfortunately, street prostitution rarely ends well for the women involved with it. But that's a different thing that what we are talking about here.

removedalready said...

I visited her blog. Very interesting but at the same time I feel for her. It's a difficult life she's living. No one to share your ups & downs. I'm actually speechless.

Anonymous said...

Iraq, Sex & The Internet:

This excellent website is a tribute to the newly acquired freedom in Iraq. It portrays the real life of people as never imaginable before.

Women have always been faced with this challenge, of which
many like this mistress, fail miserably. My main point here is that This is by no means specific to the new Iraq created by the American invasion.

The security forces of Saddam Hussein (SH) also used sex to brutally oppress dissent. They would knock on the door of their victim. Take away his innocent and well protected “virgin” daughter only to bring her back a few months later as a “pregnant” woman.

Nobody would be able to say a word and the broken family would have
to swallow their shattered honor in silent grief.

This is not to justify what has happened to this poor girl and made
Her become an escort mistress. But simply to shed a light on the
Other side of life. The new freedom has simply made it all visible.


removedalready said...

I think what the Iraqis are facing is even worse now than then. Yes, they may have the freedom but it is a limited one. They live in fear. There's bombings everywhere. You wouldn't know who is your foe or friend. To tell you the truth, there is no perfectly democratic country in this world. Not even the USA @ Britain.

Highlander said...

DM , you are only imagining what Saddam's henchmen were doing to pressurize some dissident people perhaps. The only person who had spoken out and described such as story as you put forth turned out to be fake and was discredited later. That does not mean we should think that Saddam and his people were innocent. On the other hand the woman in this blog is blogging to tell her story and to say that because of the US occupation she now does not have her job as a (let's face it) prostitute. Through her tribulations she is telling us about the 'freedom' she is now experiencing in Iraq. DM this woman got divorced in Saddam's time and her parents died and she found that in other to EAT and finish her studies to be able to have a DECENT life she had to LOOSE her honour, no one wanted to take care of her and she tried hard to find any other job. I guess in that Iraq there were no maids ( not exactly ideal with people reeling from the sanctions) nor clerical jobs because you need to be a graduate for that because she is very pretty she was an easy victim. I'm not excusing her , but she has survival skills and guts. الحي ابقى من الميت
Don't you think so? it's not about democracy or's about LIFE. And now her only means of living is endangered unless the new clique or the people in the Green Zone or the outlaws fancy her and wish to use her talents.

highlander said...

I agree with you red_enclave.

programmer craig said...

Highlander, DM I don't think DM is just imaging what Saddam's security forces were doing:

That's real video evidence in that article. And I've read too many accounts of Iraqi exiles who left family in Iraq, who recieved videotapes of their female relatives being raped to disbelieve it. If that many seemingly unrelated people say that was a routine tactic Saddam used, then I believe it.

Here's some documentation on human rights violations under Saddam:

And I'll never forget a video of Saddam standing in front of the national assembly and reading off the names of "disloyal" politicians, who were then lead out 1 by 1, never to be seen again. That's one of the most chilling things I've ever seen.

There have been many lies that people have told about Iraq, for reasons of their own, but that doesn't diminish the amount of real evil that Saddam subjected his people to.

Red Enclave, you are absolutely right... there is no perfect government, and there never will be. Humans make mistakes and humans have personality defects and character falws. Everyone does, even you and me. A good government is one in which people are held accountable for their mis-deeds, not one where mis-deeds don't happen :)

Incidentally, highlander and red enclave, I'm not trying to make the argument that Iraqis are better off now than they were with Saddam. I'm sure for many, that's not true. I recall hearing even before the war that life was good for MOST Iraqis under Saddam. As long as they kept thier mouths shut and stayed out of his way, they could live their lives in peace. That's not true, now. I hope that it will be sometime soon.

Highlander said...

Yep Craig , thanks for explaining i know DM wa not imagining things,that was just a Arabic turn of phrase I used with him/her, and he/she understands what i mean ( in Arabic that is ).

Moreover, I do understand that you are not trying to say that Iraq is better now. Thank you :)

PS you have a message at smokey's

removedalready said...

programmer craig, I do agree with you even from where I'm living. I live in a so-called democratic country, but we still have to watch what we are saying. The walls have ears. In this case so does the internet ;P At this moment, those who gain are the cronies & co. So either ways, no matter where you are, there is no perfect set of government. A president @ a premier should never be allowed to rule more than 2 terms. But would 1 term be sufficinet, as sometimes he may know too much once he enters he second term? Not giving any names here, as there are so many examples around us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Programmer_Craig for the info. I can't agree with you more.
No wonder I guess I have the same profession as you do.

Programmers do it best!!!!!!.
We should rule the world my friend.
We may make every body a PC addict, but it would be a far more peaceful world I guess.


Anonymous said...

If you allow me Highlander
I would like to raise this other point on this subject and everybody is invited to comment:

Every body is kindly asked to comment on this:

Islam promotes the separation of the sexes. Men are not supposed to mix And mingle with women beyond what is necessary. Definitely not for socializing
Or having fun.

It also asks for a protective dress code for women summarized in our days by the “Hijab”. A woman should only show to strangers her face and hands.

Wearing makeup in public would make a woman a “Zanyah” ……. An adulterer according to a clear Hadith or a statement by the profit himself.

I think that this girl would have run a much lower risk of falling victim to lady J down the road to prostitution should she have been raised in a religious and conservative Family.

In that case she would not have been wearing expressive cloths that Allowed other men to “look” at and even to “squeeze” her breast.

A more Religious thinking would have led her to a harder but more dignified way to make A living, like the many other women who must have refused to go down this path.


AlanK said...


sorry took so long to get back

In UK, call girls, prostitutes etc do not have a good standing, probably same as in rest of world really

as for lapdancing, that is more acceptable than, say 30 years ago, but it is still generally kept quiet by those doing it and still has some stigma attached to it

Also I did not mean I thought it was a fake blog, but there has been some saying that it was