Thursday, March 29, 2007

Best comment for March 2007

Actually there are two this time :P

Mani said

"Thanks for the link -- great story. I only ask the question because it is a puzzle. I'm very much of a secular person and believe that people have to be allowed to make their own mistakes -- this is how people learn, but such a way can be very dangerous, as life can be, not sure what can be done about that. I just don't see enough concern about morality from secular sources and I just wonder what that will mean for the future of secular society."

Perkunas.. thank you very much.. you know, my english friends and I were reflecting on the same issue yesterday. I was telling them about the Laws of Allah swt(huddod)in the Quran and how the punishments for the major sins and their underlying conditions were described in the Quran. You see, its common sense to know that people should learn from their mistakes but its also common sense that transgressions that are not (mistakes) be dealt with approporiately because if they are not, then moral and social decay will incur. This is because man's knowledge is imperfect and between his uncertainty and limited reason man copies others. Th emajority of the people in the world follow a simple 'baa baa mentality' that makes them succeptible to being herded around like sheep. So moral decay is eating up the planet because fake role models and heros of modernity (celebrities, fashion people, fake stars, lewd people etc) are being paraded infront of us daily in the media as role model citizens that we should emulate, follow, dress like, sing to and about bllablabla. This, i think is your point.youd expect any reasonable system of governance to make room for both mistakes and correction. So the punishments that are prescribed in the quran for examble are protected by a combination of severe warnings , punishments for misuse of witness authority and all sorts of other measures designed specifically to guarentee room for privacy and personal learning. Not only that, but Islam is not just a system of governance or (law) as in other societies.. its a sytem of teaching. We muslims are encouraged to approach ourselves or other sinners in compassion and advice and the same Quran discourages revenge and scandalising while encouraging advice and respect for other's privacy. Believers who take this message of Islam should take it wholly, and under those circumstances I can see that the system Allah swt lay out for us is only for our own benefit at the end of the day.Islam is common sense .. thats why we have reason to identify it with.. not irrational attiudes of irresponsbile emotion..Id love to stay longer and write a bit more im not usually in these moods of reflection and writing flow too.. but I hope that I may have given you something to reflect on with me too.
Thu Mar 15, 12:11:00 AM 2007

Braveheart said

Highlander:i think u didn't understand the Libyan decision, the decision is to pan women to travl alone , not to pan women to blog in her blog.u understand me, long time we didn't see ur respected issues.come on, we're waiting
Thu Mar 29, 09:47:00 PM 2007


The Lost Libyano said...

The First Comment is GREAT, thats all I can say I totally agree, but I really didnt understand the second one.

mani said...


man..phew.. i dunno what to say.. Thank you so much Highlander.. To think my comment is worthwhile, let alone getting a best comment award from a respected blogger like you is simply ....wonderful?? (where are my words when I need them?)

Lost.. i think the second comment is Braveheart using standard libyan cynicism to show his displeasure for Highlander's late dissapearence from the blogs lol.. It was soo funny when I read it in arabic hehehehe..

thanks again High.. it was very touching :)

Highlander said...

Glad to see you back Lost Libyano, was starting to worry about you there. :)

Mani you are welcome, and yes I thought Braveheart's comment was so cute it deserved a mention. He is chiding me for not blogging :P