Saturday, March 03, 2007

Keyword Analysis - February 2007

15.38% highlander blog

15.38% watch all arabic candid camera

15.38% arabic comics books grendizer

7.69% the wanderer poem

7.69% sexy arabic women => I know who this is :P

7.69% total solar eclipse affect mood 2006

7.69% hijab and modesty

7.69% marriage medical exam france

7.69% almawled

7.69% teacher name fatima benghazi libya

pretty tame by the usual standards no ? on another note coming soon ...the best of the Libyan blogosphere for February !


onlibya said...

what web site is this that analysis data for you?

highlander said...

Hi Onlibya :) thank you for coming to my blog I use this website below , it is a free tool but if you want more info you can subscribe and get extra data :

Good luck !

Chris in MB said...

"7.69% sexy arabic women => I know who this is :P"

Well it's not me! Who needs google when I you have them all bookmarked already! :D

OMG! I'm still getting hits every second day for hermaphrodites!!!
(the post was about slugs :P)
I'm amazed you've escaped all the deprived google searches.

....just for that I'm thinking I can help. I'll leave a comment with 50 nice keywords to get the ball rolling. :P

Highlander said...

Chris LOOL some one else tried it before you and still it did not work :P

onlibya said...

thank you.

Perkunas said...

Nothing for shebshebs?

Mama Naima said...


Highlander said...

You are welcome Onlibya :)

Perkunas welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting,watch this space for more shebsheb posts, although we dearly miss the person who used to liked them a lot and if he is reading this we are hoping he will give us a wink :P

Mama Naima :) Welcome to the blogosphere , I'm so thrilled to see you here :)

Highlander said...

PS Mama Naima I've added you to the Libyan Blogroll !