Saturday, March 31, 2007

Top 3 Highlander fans for March 2007

(1) Libyan NBA
(2) Programmer_Craig
(3) AngloLibyan

Runner up Nomad :)

Last month's results


AngloLibyan said...

Yeipee I did it again :o)
well I meant it when I said in a comment in my blog that I am visiting and checking on your blog everyday more than once.

programmer craig said...

I must have made it in just the last few days :)

NOMAD said...

run up Nomad ?

yeah, you can say that : I am a peace lover :lol:

Highlander said...

You are welcome Anglo :)

Craig :P we know you can't resist this blog he he he

Nomad runner just means you and number were very close ! :) that's excellent ...Now where is Chris hiding when one needs him ?