Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Milud!

Tomorrow is the Prophet's birthday , an sms I received today to share with you:

بانوار النبي اصبح عليك و بالمولد اهنيك
وادعي ربي من الكوثر يسقيني ويسقيق

Have a wonderful Milud everyone and for my Libyan fellows try not to get hurt with the firecrackers.

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The Lost Libyano said...

Happy Milud to you as well Highlander! Hope all is well with Yeah those firecrackers are dangerouse, I remember when I first came to Libya over the summer, I was completly taken over with the, causeing all kinds of mischeif with those My favorite is Shatayan Fil Shesha(Devil in the Bottle).lol. I actually almost lost my thumb once because of the Chut O Lawah( Strike and Throw is the best way I can translate it).

I kinda grew out of the whole fireworks/pyromaniac But I hear their are still tons of kids coming into the hospitals, with all types of horrible injuries. The last time I was in Libya I thought I heard that they banned fireworks because of all the injuries.

Here in America or at least where I am stay at we are not allowed to use them within the city limits, if caught you get a citation. You have to travel to rural counties to shot them off, but ofcourse people still do them anyway, which is pretty dangerouse because in America our houses are not built like the ones in Libya, our houses are made with wood, and sheetrock, not concreat and stone like in Libya. Anyway just dropin by to say Happy Milud. Take Care.

AngloLibyan said...

Happy Milud to you and your family

Highlander said...

Happy Milud to you Lost Libyano and Anglo Libyan and thank you :)

Highlander said...

Curt thanks for your wishes the comment was left in my 2006 post :)