Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Libyan Tortoise : encouraging news

AngloLibyan wrote several times about the Libyan tortoise testudo kleinmanni. In fact without him I would have never known it was an endangered species as it was sold for a ridiculous cheap price on the market and is common in our houses. (Photo courtesy of AngloLibyan)

But this weekend I was chattting to my uncle about this topic and he told me that there had been a crackdown on this business . Well I'm pleased to inform you that these news are true at least up to this last Saturday. I went to the Rashid street and Suq al Hut to do some shopping and look at the animals . I found lots of cages of budgies, fish tanks, a few cats but no tortoises and no deer. ....yay no idea for the cause of this awareness but it's working. Thanks AngloLibyan for doing your bit !

Hope you are happy now ?


mani said...

Gotta love em tortoises

I'm going to use them in the branding sorry anglo :D

Anglo Libyan said...

you dedicated a post to these beautiful tortoises and mentioned me as well, I am very Happy :o)

Seriously I am glad that someone is taking steps to protect these creatures, you know in the UK some zoos are trying to breed them with some success (London & Bristol zoos) as I have mentioned before, they are highly sought after and are very rare to find, a Libyan/Egyptian female tortoise can cost over a £1000 to buy but that only applies to legal microchipped specimens, wild caught and smuggled tortoises are illegal, do not get a high price and can carry a fine & a prison term.
Allah created everything for a reason, we have to look after what we got, thank you and bless you for this good news and for your contribution to this matter.

The Lost Libyano said...

tortoises are so cool.

Highlander said...

Mani :) that's interesting, no one thought of the Libyan tortoise for branding - good idea

AngloLibyan, I'm glad someoene is doing something I just hope it lasts.

Lost Libyano yes they are and they cry like babies too you know.. they have a sad voice when distressed.

The Lost Libyano said...

Lost Libyano yes they are and they cry like babies too you know..

Wow, thas very intresting you learn something new everyday:)

they have a sad voice when distressed.

loool. Maybe I should become the Libyan Tortoise:)

lovelytripoli said...

i have older one,which i love so much,and if you view my flicker you re going to say how much he likes me,and we have good way to connect each others.