Friday, April 13, 2007

The Day it All Changed : a novel ?

Last year this post generated some interesting comments and my friend Adam decided to make his own experiment with some volunteers. He called it a Tandem Story :)

After many months of work ( since September 2006) the story has ended. I know I promised the finale in December, but I was sidetracked.

So, has the experiment failed or succeeded? is female and male writing the same or different those of you who followed it what did you expect ? and LOL can I make it as a writer :P any publishers out there for Tom and I ?

I would like to thank Adam for his brilliant idea which brought a blogger from North Africa and one residing in the Bermuda toghether. I would also like to thank TomQ for his patience when I disappeared for several months and for volunteering to participate with me.
Big hugs to the readers who expressed encouragement and took part in the parallel thread.

Ladies and gentlemen : The day it all changed - just in time for Friday the 13th :P

Excerpt from the last installment:

" I was blindfolded and tied to some type of bed. The narcotic was now fading
and I was trying to think clearly. The first thing was that he should not
discover I was awake as he is probably watching me, so I must maintain a steady
breathing rhytm. I really had to think about getting out of this alive. What are
my options? "


NOMAD said...

euh, I didn't follow the trame, but as far as my own experience in writing, there is no difference ; the difference could be in the interest of a subject, and that is how we can discern if the writer is a female or a male

programmer craig said...

Glad you finished him off :)

That was a good read, H, I enjoyed it from the beginning.

Highlander said...

Hi Nomad , well read it and tell me what you think about the trame :P

Programmer_Craig , thanks I started it as something else but he changed the 'trame' as Nomad says so this was the way it had to end instead of walking off in the sunset and live happily ever after :P

The Lost Libyano said...

Ahhh I miss it.

I am a bit too busy to do it this semister. But Inshallah maybe this summer I will have time.

I was working on a graphic novel, which has kind of been my little secret. Its really cool. Its religious fiction.

I started on it 2 summers ago in Libya. It was kinda a product of bordem. Cuz Libyan summers are filled with u r kinda at the mercy of relatives, to take you out. I once took the bus, because I couldnt stand sitting on the sofa watching

Which was a intresting experiance. It was like a very crowded 70's era It was actually pretty cool. Half a dinar. Not bad.

Maybe if I go this summer, I will write somemore. Bordom brings out amazing things. I think if I where to break the story down it would make a series of novels.

Its full of twist and turns. Its about this 18 yearold high school senior who is a choosen jinn fighter. But he also fights terrorists, helps little old ladies cross the street, rescuse kittens from tress:P and all that good

He lives with his mom who is a single parent and a member of a Islamic Advocacy group. He's a bit of a loner, but he makes one friend this jewish girl who just moved from Israel. So that in itself allows me to make all kinds of intresting social commentary. She is ultra-liberal, sort of like the teenage girl version of Norman Finkelstein. Her father on the other hand is a ultra-orthodox rabbi who does not approve of her relationship with the guy. Plus their is also tension between his mom and her dad, and their relationship sort of takes twists and turns. And then theirs his gaurdian who himself is a real sack of bagagge. He is sent by the Mullah council to watch kid.

The Mullah council is a ultra-secret ancient society. Kinda like the Muslim version of the Learned elders of Zion. You know old men, with beards in robes, who sit around a tabel conducting

Anyway they send this gaurdian to this kids city because they belive he is the Anti-Christ, or that he will grow up to be the anti-christ. Anyway its very, very, very, complex, and their alot of angles, and bits and peices, the fit all across the way. Its a very big universe, and it tends to expand with each of my writing sessions. The Last time I worked on it was in December. But I kinda have been all books this semister. So I put it under my bed, and kinda forgot about it.

I always wanted to pitch it to vertigo, or dark horse comics. but I want to find a good artist, so I can put a really good pitch toghther. I was also thinking of making it anime. I dont really

I started it as something else but he changed the 'trame' as Nomad says so this was the way it had to end instead of walking off in the sunset and live happily ever after :P

Aww. Dude never do that. We want a happy ending.:(

too much saddness in the world. I know what you mean about the trame deal. I have had to change things up because of it tons of The story should write its self, it should have a mind of its own.

You want to give yourself ultimate breeding room. A story should have no boarders, boarders are for the real world, creativity has no bounds, anything go's one day in egypt, the next on

Highlander said...

Lost Libyano this is a mighty story it may make a musalsal you know :)thanks for sharing. let us know when it is finished !