Sunday, December 31, 2006

Highlights 2006

My favourite posts for 2006 are :

Yoko Tsuno & Grendizer
From the Family Vacation Album
Eid El Fitr in Libya
The Pope
Five Years later
The Shebsheb series I & II
Mr. Highlander
A Leap of Faith
The Wanderer : an Anglo Saxon poem

And last but not least is my tandem attempt at story writing on Adam's blog , which has turned in to a suspense thriller ( modesty eh ? ), ladies and gentlemen check again " The day it all changed" for the finale (coming soon multitasking here ).

It was difficult to choose as I wrote so many posts this year !

But how about you tell me which ones not listed above but you liked from my 2006 posts ?

I've already wished everyone Season's greetings for Christmas, New Year , Hannukah and Eid .
On another note I want one of these chains:

So Happy 3 in 1 as Abufares says ! ..and see you in 2007.

PS off topic; dear all pls get a blogger name ASAP it will allows us to recognize each other easier . No more anonymous commenters .


PH said...

I think my most memorable post was the "The Wanderer" :p.

Leilouta said...

Happy new year :)

Nura said...

Eid Mubarek ya banoota! I just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with all the thought and effort you put into your blog. It is always such a delight to read and incredibly informative - thank you for that. Keep it up girl and let's hope that 2007 has amazing things in store for you!!! Big boussa!

Highlander said...

Ph - I know :P

Leilouta :) Thank you 3azizti and same to you

Nura :) Zaghrouta Lebiyah , where have you been hiding my dear ? Thanks for your wishes & same to you sweetie

Anonymous said...

I think I enjoyed the shebsheb posts the most :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, I like the necklace but aren't you worried it will get you in trouble with everyone?

Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

By the way, I like the necklace but aren't you worried it will get you in trouble with everyone?

What so you mean by that PC? Are you trying to incinuate that Libyans are Religouse Bigots?

Let me remind you buddy the last time I checked it was your people who where putting my fellow Muslims in ovens in Bosnia ,last time I checked it was your people putting 6 Millions Jews into the inferno.

Dont you dare try to accuse my people of religouse Bigotry!

Libya is a very diverse nation.

P.S My post is not off-topic H it has to do with religouse tolerance, and intolerance, you allowed PC comment so you should allow mine. :)

Highlander said...

Hi Craig , it might get me in trouble with a few but not with everyone. So I hope I would be able to handle it better. Especially when I calmly explain to them that the 3 monotheistic relgions are all Abrahamic and that these symbols simply mean that we are all the same and believe in one God regardless of which way we choose to express it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Miss,

meilleurs voeux pour 2007

Adam said...

Well... for some strange reason your Bird Flu post remains firmly etched into my memory.

But dear, I am still (since long) waiting for a post on Libyan jokes you make about your Egytian Sisters and Brothers :)

Highlander said...

Merci Nomad :)

Adam yes the famous 'bird flu' post how could I forget?