Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Keyword Analysis - December 2006

15.79% ancient libyan weather
10.53% i am a girl libya ( so what )
10.53% omar mukhtar ( very popular for 3 years now)
5.26% women in morroco can do a magic for guys to make guys as slaves for them ( now that should be useful)
5.26% nice sayings for new year
5.26% محبة المسيح pps ( translation : Loving Christ)
5.26% google libya arabic
5.26% beautiful arab women ( they are indeed)
5.26% some african countries have started to ban the selling of bleaching creams ( still going on)
5.26% eugene delacroix-algerian women at home ( what is so special about that ? )
5.26% libyan people pictures
5.26% boyfriend jokes ( ever popular)
5.26% my secret dream ( do you have one ? )
5.26% nightmare feeling ( on my blog? )
5.26% micallef friendly fire ( this one is a big mystery ! )

Previous Analysis: August , September , October , November. enjoy and share your thougths and comments .


Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

bleaching Creams? whats that

Anonymous said...

Bleaching creams here are only for hiding a woman's "unwanted" facial hair, but I've heard of some for skin in other places like Egypt.

Highlander said...

non-white skinned people use it to lighten their skin tone but it is carcinogenic ....very bad!

Twosret said...

bleaching creams for skin should be banned it is horrible for your skin.

Anonymous said...

5.26% my secret dream ( do you have one ? )

Not gonna tell ya!

Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

god dude that is gross, not to mention painful. Is that the stuff Micheal Jackson used?

Anonymous said...

Micheal Jackson had chemical peels. Or so they say, but he denies it.

Highlander said...

I think it is because of this post of mine- so everytime someone makes a search for 'skin lightening' products they end up here :


It comes up number one in google search!

Adam of course you know you want to tell us about your dream. Come on ..confess !