Friday, December 15, 2006

Me wants !

A superficial topic :P

I love this piece, glad it's not within my reach otherwise I would fallen for their great marketing techniques and thought it was indispensable :P - good sale price no ? wow

Who said 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' ?


Anonymous said...

tout ce qui brille n'est pas de l'or :lol:

euh, seems to me that your traditional jewellery has more character thouth

PH said...

wasn't this posted on Saturday? thought it was a holiday?
That aside i don't know about diamonds, but isn't 10k gold bad? I'm usually told to only buy gold from Libya (18k/24k) is that good advice? also do diamonds add much to the price of a bracelet?

Highlander said...

Nomad yes I love my traditional jewelry , but I liked this bracelet as well => hint to NBA if you want a photo you know what to do , see there is a sale LOL

PH ( مبروك على الاسم)
You mean no posting on Saturdays :P
Yes 10K gold is 'rubbish' but it seems that many gold shops in Europe don't carry the 18K let alone 24 K so this is the best they could do and still be affordable. Of course 10K in my eyes is barely better than costume jewelry or accessories as they say. Yes diamonds ( and other gems) add a lot to the price. Problem is they loose a lot of their value if you wish to re-sell them in a country like Libya where the emphasis is still on yellow gold. If you want to buy them it is still as expensive as abroad :P

Honestly 200 hundred $ is very expensive still for a 1k diamond , this bracelet has many tiny diamonds which all toghether = 1k I assume so it is not very good quality , but it looks pretty.

1K 'good' diamond would be about the size of a classical solitaire (single stone) engagement ring.

Non-Blogging said...

hint to NBA if you want a photo you know what to do , see there is a sale LOL

He he he, my fingers were one click away from purchasing this for you with my credit card. So sorry I had to cancel the process because I don't know your delivery address he he he. Now you know what to do LOL.

In addition to converting to Christianity that is because this would be a perfect Christmas present but there's no presents without a feast he he he.

PH said...


Actually, a tank of gas for a car can cost more than 50$ so maybe it isn't considered that expensive in the US?

Highlander said...

50 $ for a tank of gas? ( benzina ya3ni ? ) wow thanks for telling me , that helps me put things into perspective when I judge people next time. So this bracelet only costs about 3 tanks of gas? ya 3ni peanuts :P

200 $ is a lot for us here in Libya when I convert it to Libyan Dinars if you calculate that the average salay monthly salary of graduate is 150 $ per month ( be he/she a doctor or teacher) .

NB my dear :P no comment

piccolina said...

hey don't get me start about that kind of rings :S i go totally crazy for them
ok my dreams ring is not like that at all ..but it has lots of dimond , but it looks like i'll be wearing the Cartier LOVE RING " wink " no body knows

PH said...

Yes benzina , in general I think here its not considered much i just used gas because its clearer, but its evident in the difference in salaries and almost everything else. I think the difference in salary and cost of living is nearly proportionate by a factor of 10. Its always good to put thing in context :).

Anonymous said...

could not get the NBA link : invisible from my place

Anonymous said...

$195 !?

Ahhh, that's nothing! Last month I got myself a $220CAD($200US) speeding ticket!

...and I was only 15km over the limit!

Anonymous said... I'm extremely curious.

Just recently, this morning in fact, I've ran into this sort of confusion regarding the relative "value" of money with someone.

It's difficult to imagine how one can live on $150/month. My heating bills are $800/month! A decent restaurant meal costs $30, an apple $1.00, a hamburger $2.00, phone bill $70/m.... OMG, and don't even ask about my taxes.

$150/day is about what a teacher with several years experience makes here I guess.

It would be interesting to know what common necessities or living expenses cost in your area.

ehh, I always feel that talking personal finances/money is taboo but my curiosity is getting the better of me.

Anonymous said...

lol, I just realized this is quite a coincidence, yesterday I posted this.

Highlander would you perfer the bracelet or that item? Almost the same cost. :P

Anonymous said...

Highlander, that's a cute bracelet but I have to say it doesn't really seem to be "you" from what you've shown us of your tastes :)

Chris, I can't comment about Libya specifically, but I've lived in/visited a lot of countries, and I'd say it's all relative. Cost of living is usually scaled to the average income. What I'm wondering is how in a place like Libya, where there are a lot of foreign workers probably being payed foreign pay scales, how does that effect the local economy? If it does? Or is the number of foreign workers too small to make a difference?

Highlander said...

Piccolina sweetie :) shall we say Mabrouk and zargoutta libeeya to another Libyan blogger , the Cartier love ring ? wow those are cute and my taste as well , surprised Libyan girls like them. Good for you habibti idillo LOL..PLs take a photo and show off ok :)

Nomad :) NBA is always teasing then he chicken's out :P

Chris yes the relative pices of things in different countries might be an interest topic , thanks for giving me a persperctive. LOL @ your post what a coincidence . Now to answer your question I'd pick the Versace belt over this bracelet even though the bracelet is cute. Wanna know the logic ? because the Versace belt is a real Versace hence worth every $ , while this bracelet is only made of diamond 'chips' + 10K Gold. It was attractive only because 195 $ was more realistic a price for it than 600. Highlander would never wear that :P unless each diamond was a 1k on its own LOOOOL .

Programmer_Craig :P you're right this bracelet is not really me he he he .
This here is more my style :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! lol, you want the belt?!? I don't think a belt is a good investment, once used it's worth nothing! :P

That would make a great topic! I really have no idea about these things in your area & the ME. Seems to be one extreme to another with a very large separation of classes.

oh yes, I realize that the cost of living for the most part is fairly proportional to income but what about imported commodities? For example technology & computers? Three months wages for a low end computer? That's a difficult situation! What about the cost of travel or a foreign education? A car?

It's an interesting thing to ponder.

Anonymous said...

I went to Tchekoslovakia, just after the east wall fall down, and with our money we could have a prince's way of living ; I wonder how merchandises like italian fruits or goods, or the most expensive whiskies were at such lower prices ;

I bet that by now I couldn't afford such a trip, the prices followed the EU ones

Curt from Houston said...

"Chris yes the relative pices of things in different countries might be an interest topic , thanks for giving me a persperctive."

Highlander, I'll scan my next grocery bill and send it to you in PDF format. I think it may come as a shock to you. I drive a Chevy Suburban and a tank of gas costs me about $70 US. I live close to my work so a tank of gas lasts me about a week and a half to two weeks if I stretch it. :)

Curt from Houston said...

Highlander, Check out this web site for a comparison in cost of living between various US cities.

You can convert your own yearly salary to US dollars and plug it in to see how you would do in any given city.

Twosret said...

Diamond tennis bracelets has to be very good quality diamond for it to be attractive. I would go for your traditional pieces over this any minute highlander.

Oh NBA don't worry I will send you my address and a link to a real diamond one hehehehee

Twosret said...


I'm told that the cost of living in houston is much better than many other US cities.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That site says average home price in the Los Angeles area is $820,000 - really not looking forward to buying my next house... that's about 4 times what it was 10 years ago! :(

Curt from Houston said...

"I'm told that the cost of living in houston is much better than many other US cities."

Correct Twosret, one of the many reasons why I live here.

Anonymous said...

First of all Craig, I agree with you (!), this is not so much Highlander. Perhaps it is more like Red?

As for that advert, 67 % off ? I have no idea of diamond valuations but that kind of fishy discount always makes me suspicious. If they work with such discounts how fair are their regular prices? And if their price aint fair how can you trust such people.

Reminds me of an episode in Cairo:
A kid tried to sell me a (rather nice) collection of exotic spices for (corresponding to) 15 USD. Ridiculous: then he kept following me, decreasing the price until he reached 2 USD ! Then I got really angry with him and made sure he left me alone. If he had offered 2-4 USD from the beginning I might have bitten.

I have no problem with bargaining, but an 800% surcharge is not bargaining it is a plain insult. I’d rather burn my money than give it such people.

Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

LW, knows about alot of things, but this is not one of them. :)

Anonymous said...

Well LW you better learn quickly!

I get the impression that if you want a good Libyan(or perhaps Berber?) woman this sort of knowledge is a necessity! :P

Anonymous said...


Leilouta said...

I agree with PC, and I love the ring. It is gorgeous.

Highlander said...

Chris in MB :) I agree, cost of living in various places would make a great topic for a new post.

Pre wall of Berlin fall prices and living in East Europe was so much nicer and quieter I must say. Now the crime rate is horrendous and the prices are driven up up Nomad :(

Curt fro Houstoun :) I'm waiting for your grocery list , pls email it to me and I will post mine as well in an upcoming topic about comparing prices - Chevy suburban eh? it is a cool car , was looking at it online with a friend last night . Of course the prices ranging from 28 000 to 57 000 $ and more is astronomically for me who is used to a cash society. ( PS I still prefer the Toyata Land Cruiser or Highlander though)

Twosret , yes :) I agree it has to be good quality - it looks good this way on the photo and I would wish it was high quality diamonds, but I would probably not think of this particular one as an 'investment' , it's just cute, not my style but cute. I am going to daydream I have a real diamond one like this thought :P

Programmer_Craig 820, 000 $ whaaaaaaaaaaat ? does that come with a swimmming pool 10 underground garages, watchman, housekeeper, gardener etc... ?

Adam :) yes the dainty bracelet is more Redenclave's style , as she is such a delicate lady.
Like you I hate hustlers too , thank you for sharing the Cairo story.

LW :P don't worry your mum will take care of the dowry procedures if you marry a Libyan, although you might wanna learn as Chris & Adam advices.

Leilouta:) t'as vue ? the ring is soooooooooo gorgeous I am in love with it and if NBA does not buy it for me *hint hint*, I'm going to get it for myself as soon as I save up for it LOL

Anonymous said...

Programmer_Craig 820, 000 $ whaaaaaaaaaaat ? does that come with a swimmming pool 10 underground garages, watchman, housekeeper, gardener etc... ?

Hell no :(

That's the "avergae" home price here. The average home in the LA area is a 3 bedroom, 2 (full) bathroom, 2 car garage, of moderate size, sitting on a fairly small lot of land :(

I'm not sure if swimming pools are the norm or not. There are a lot of swimming pools here, but I don't think they are common enough to be considered standard. Swimming pools don't raise the value of a home as much as one would think, so I imagine if you wanted a pool you'd just tell the realtor that, and you'd only look at houses that had pools.

Home prices are crazy in the US these days. I hope they start coming down. A lot!

Anonymous said...

"Pre wall of Berlin fall prices and living in East Europe was so much nicer and quieter I must say. Now the crime rate is horrendous and the prices are driven up up Nomad :("


Trabilsia said...

Diamonds are a girl's best friend , was a song sung in the 60's by Marlyn Monroe. As for the bracelet, it really I believe the price is ok.
Diamonds are forever (007 movie)

I think they have a point. I too Highlander love diamonds an don't enjoy gold especially when it's the 21 Karat ,not my cup of tea !

red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors said...

H & A,

AFirst of all Craig, I agree with you (!), this is not so much Highlander. Perhaps it is more like Red?

H:Adam :) yes the dainty bracelet is more Redenclave's style , as she is such a delicate lady.
Like you I hate hustlers too , thank you for sharing the Cairo story.

you've got it wrong here. I am not passionate about jeweleries at all! Have you noticed I didn't leave any comments here earlier! :P

I'm into silver, white gold @ platinum, am ringless at the moment & no bling blings to show off. ;(

I'd rather buy property as it's an investment unlike gold, the price depreciates. How much would you get if you're in debt? very little.... so yup, no thanks unless anyone plans to get a beautiful platinum bracelet or ring for me as a gift!

regarding the LA property, swimming pool is a waste of space & money & water. You'd have to clean it often. Anyway, LA & NYC are expensive places to live in. But not as expensive as Moscow, I guess...I read that somewhere, must be last few months Reader's Digest edition.

red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors said...

H, I am in love with the diamond platinum band which you've linked earlier.

Highlander said...

Shlemazl , you seem to be surprised? I know you were born and raised in USSR, but I'm talking about countries like Yugoslavia, Romania, Thchekoslovakia, imho it was safer and cheaper then in general ( not talking about politics here )

Curt where is that grocery note and the email :P

Trabilsia , I'm sure you have great taste - I love diamonds but I prefer them mounted on heavier jewelry , oh and the 21 K I adore , ya binti I am your typical shlaftiya girl as my dad's best friend keeps saying while nodding his head in despair LOL.

Redenclave , yes property is a good investment , but in countries where stability is ermm 'lacking' your best bet is gold , not even gems ....

Programmer_Craig 820 0000 is average price ? oh man that's too much and not even a swimming pool etc..

Anonymous said...

Parts of former Yugoslavia that have not been affected by the war are doing just swimmingly. Not been to Romania. Been to the Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria and, at least younger people, are all VERY happy that the communist dictatorships are gone.

Czechs are doing great and Slovaks are catching up.

Personally I'd say freedom is worth an awful lot and most East Europeans I know agree.

In fact for the vast majority of population in countries like Czech Republic level of life has improved dramatically. Same goes for safety - it's much safer without Soviet tanks in the streets or having to go to prison for your political views.

KhadijaTeri said...


Curt from Houston said...

"Curt where is that grocery note and the email :P"

Just sent it H. Sorry about the delay. Years end is always hectic. Let me know if you don't receive it.



Highlander said...

Schlemazl you are of course right , however I was not talking politics , simply my impression as a visitor. For me it was cheaper and safer that's all. I do understand what you refer to , but also that the Russian tanks were not present 24/7 . It is simply a figure of speech.

Khadija do you like the BLING :) ?

Curt , thanks I got it :)

Anonymous said...

Soviet tanks were always there on call 24/7 as Czechs, Hungarians and Poles found out when they asked for a bit more freedom.

I honestly don't know what safety problems you've exprienced in the Czech Republic recently; seemed pretty safe to me.

As for "cheapness", you may find that it's always cheaper for tourists in the third world countries like Africa than it is in rich countries. Trabant is always going to be somewhat cheaper than Mercedes, but it does not mean that you are better off driving one.

Politics or not, I disagree with your comment 100% as all my experience of travelling to Eastern Europe tells a different story.

Highlander said...

Schlemazl , our experiences shape our opinions. Once again I am not begrudging the positive impact of freedom on Eastern Europe I am merely observing that the price of capitalism has brought with it the other plagues associated with it. Comparatively speaking of course it is better now. But the original question which brought this discussion was prices and cost of living. I felt the difference between Dubrovnik now and Dubrovnik pre fall of Berlin wall. But arguing with you is fun and I'm glad that although your blogging is 'lite' you still read and comment on blogs. Hope you had a Happy Hanukkah.

Crizette said...

Me like the ring too!!! Geez! A $195 very well crafted eternity ring!!! Something I would really like to buy for myself this Christmas. I'm pretty sure they do accept credit cards.