Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mobiles and Cancer : Yes or NO ?

Yesterday there was supposed to be a programme broadcast on our TV at 6.30 pm regarding 'environment and health' it was a survey on radiation from the mobile relay antennas which are erected on buildings her in Libya. If anyone has seen it please let me know what conclusion they came up with as I'm really interested.

On a related topic, when I use my cell phone after a few minutes I feel a burning sensation in my ear and jaw. Since I'm nil in microwave technology (or any kind of technology for that matter) I only know it bothers me . Some people are not bothered I hear why do you think ?

Apparently some recent studies have 'cleared mobiles of cancer risk' as per this BBC article:

The researchers, from the Danish Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, looked at data on people who had been using mobile phones from as far back as 1982. More than 56,000 had been using a mobile phone for at least 10 years. They found no evidence to suggest users had a higher risk of tumours in the brain, eye, or salivary gland, or leukaemia. Professor Tricia McKinney, Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Leeds, said:
"The results of this Danish cohort study are important as they have analysed data from mobile phone company records and do not rely on users remembering for up to 10 years in the past how often they used their phone. [ref]


Anonymous said...

may-be that your more sensible to wawes ; we had this question here too, and the conclusion was the same as the BBC report.

anyhow, I am not an great user of it, just for business when we are out

Anonymous said...

this is a confusing subject, in the same way they used to tell us that mobile phones can affect machines at hospitals and airplanes, now it is ok to use them in hospital and soon in airplanes so who know? I just hope that they are safe!

Afro-Man said...


OFCOURSE they dont give youy cancer, its just a money making scheme. To buy a whole bunch of junk you dont need.

Afro-Man said...


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Afro-Man said...

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Anonymous said...

So even if they do not give cancer dont mean they aint dangerous. I just saw a short clip on the news regarding testing (on mice) of long term effects of electromagnetic radiation (the cell phone kind of it). Preliminary results have indicated that some proteins may change and that there is a slight yet unverified possibility of increased risk of for example senility at old age.

Many ifs and buts there but, if you do not use it very much the risks are probably small, but a hands free device is certainly even safer.

Afro-Man said...

Adam you have a point dude, but we are all going to die, so who the hell cares if its cancer. If it aint from the phone, its gonna be from every other thing they claim "might" give you cancer. No one lives forever, we are ALL gonna die eventually, I really dont see the point of bickering about this, just do what you wanna do, live for the moment, i went skydiving this weekend, who cares if theirs a risk, woppee if I die then I wont have to worry about finals, all the better really.

Whats so bad about death? People spend their whole lives avoiding the unavoidable, I welcome death, and its warm embrace, and I dont mean that in a mellow villo vallo way, I mean it in a "Death Be Not Proud" way.

Curt from Houston said...

"I really dont see the point of bickering about this, just do what you wanna do, live for the moment, i went skydiving this weekend, who cares if theirs a risk, woppee if I die then I wont have to worry about finals, all the better really."

Clearly, you have no children.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link discussing it in the Guardian :
Is there any proof that Wi-Fi networks can make you sick?

Anonymous said...

Another academic paper that discuss's how it affects fertility in men :

Cell Phone Use Affects Fertility

Highlander said...

Nomad I don't use it much , but when I do it's for long periods of time till I start feeling the pain in my ear. But nowadays as soon as I talk for a few seconds I start hurting.

Anglolibyan, yes very confusing because my doctors all keep their mobiles on at hospital and near the ECG machines etc.. and I feel foolish shutting in off when obviously the doctor does not. Now apparently you can use it on airplanes soon as welll .. hmm very strange.

afroman , it being money making I agree with that.

Adam you say there is a possibility of senility ? no wonder I've been loosing my mind lately :P I guess I'm one of the early one LOL. Thanks my friend you make me feel so at peace now ;)

Curt from Houston :) do you have an thoughts about mobiles and cancer ? what do you think ?

Anonymous , thanks for the links yes I read about that as well and especially about the make fertility thing . Interesting as spermatozoides contains protein so if the study Adam linked to is correct then radioactivity affects the brain and production...

Conclusion my usage will not change.

tommy said...

I don't think you are being nuked by microwaves. That sounds very far-fetched. You may be sensitive to conventional sound waves on the other hand.

Highlander said...

Tommy :) hmm I never thought I could be sensitive to sound , but how do you explain that the cell phone actually hurts any of my organs it get's near too ? very weird. But I can't live without it !

Anonymous said...

Relax, Highlander. They are safe!

Anonymous said...

Actually adam there was a comedy strip on Saturday Night Live where that report was mentioned then the comedian acted as if he was going to light a mobile and smoke it like a cigarette.
That ofcourse was political satire and was referring to the similarity between the harms of mobile phones and that of smoking, and the corporate effect and funding of any study related to both. I personally know of cellular network companies that were asked to take full responsibility of any side effects to mobile phones and refused to.
I think that companies should have to prove that they are safe since they have all the money; instead of public interest groups proving that they are harmful ?

hesh said...

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