Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Best of the Libyan Blogosphere : December 2006

This month , OnTripoli decided to give us a review of the some fast food outlets in Libya. My favourite was Pizza Pizza. "Located on the busy bustling Gargaresh- Hay Alandalus main drag, inside the newly opened Al-Wahat shopping little mall. Kind of hidden in the back ground but not to the eyes at first, with a nice balcony that looks over the entrance of the main " [more].

Khadijateri , bless her gaves us a 101 Eid show, warning not for the faint hearted :P . But it contains a lot of Libyan traditions if you are interested. "It probably seems appalling to those living in non-Muslim countries to think that kids would all gather round to watch an animal being slaughtered, but kids in Muslim countries are used to the idea of the annual sacrifice and look forward to the excitement." [more].

Safia Speaks , is surprised and the Christmas bestseller in Denmark : "A little months ago the very first authentic Danish translation of the Holy Quran was published. Amazingly, people in Denmark are now buying editions of the Danish Quran in thousands. In fact, the publisher can hardly keep up with the demand." [more].

Trabilsia has posted a message found in the diary of the sister of her friend : " A very close friend of mine lost her only sister a couple years ago. She e-mailed me this poem /song . I found the words so beautiful in meaning and so asked her if I could share it with you all." [more].

Lebeeya share another posts from another sister " Everything here is so different. The lifestyle, the food, the people, even living with (sister) is difficult and it's not just because i have to wear hijab all the time. She's got her own family and It's just different from living at home. " [more]

A.Adam, spent the day taking photos " I am not professional to take pictures but I decided to go and take some, Actually I went to buy new Libyan cloths to be ready in Eid day.don't forget click on to enlarge picture " [more].

Imtidad, Ghazi posts about a talented Libyan gir " l "Her name is Asia Alfasi, she is 22 years old, and lives in Birmingham England. Her true passion is Manga the Japanese cartoon characters and comic books in general. She created her own Arabic manga characters, one of them is called Monir an Arabian Muslim child (and a prince although he doesn't know it) who has learned to fight to stay alive and look after his twin sister Monira.' [more].

White African , sees finds out about human kindness " human beings are amazing, just when you loose hope in people, a random act of kindness blows you away. " [more].

Piccolina reminisces about 2006 " in the year 2006 I've been through lots of things ..sad and happy and i guess it was the most important year till now coz i learned alot about life , dealing with people and about my self such as " [more].

Dania's mum wonders whether she is a good mother "Two years and ten months ago my little angel came to life, to change mine completely .. the wonder of the motherhood was overwhelming ,,i remember the first days of her life ,, the sleepless nights,, the feeding ,, changing nappies ,, the first smile .. and the guessing !!: " [more] .

Anglo Libyan ' s great post about more endangered wildlife in Libya " have been checking the status of some of Libya's wildlife, it seems most of the animals that are native to Libya are either already extinct or God forbid on their way to be extinct." [more].

Libyan Violet , influenced by too much reading of glossy magazines is wondering about the possibility of training men like dolphins " ...So anyway Michelle was speaking about some American writer who wanted to train her man to behave the the way she wants to and wrote about it to describe the procedure ." [more].

Next month we can add another feature , how about we vote for the best Libyan blogger for each month ?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Highlander for choosing one of my posts as a best for the last month of the year. Salamat


Lebeeya said...

How come only the emails I post from my sisters get on this list? Is my writing really THAT bad?? lol

Anonymous said...

thank you highlander for choosing me again. You are a star :o)

Anonymous said...

thanks H.L i`m realy flattered to be mentioned in your best posts for last month..
happy new year

Um Dania

Highlander said...

Ghazi , I sometimes think that all your posts should be featured :P

Lebeeya :) Good remark , LOL , it just happens that my favourite post from your blog on a particular month is a letter from you sister which illustrates something about Libya :P Your wrtiing is fun and delicious !

Anglo Libyan :) You are welcome

Um Dania, I really enjoy the efforts you put in your blog and in raising Dania :) keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Highlander , I'm flattered too . Happy New Year .

Trabilsia said...

Thanks dearest HL I really appreciate you mentioning my post.

Thanks for helping HL get back to us all.
Happy New Year to you both !

Anonymous said...

weeeeeeeeee i'm on the list LOL
thank you haboba , that was so sweet of you , my 2006 lessons were very hard to be learned !! so yeah i guess the coming years should be much better or simply i'll be called STUPID lol
thank s again

Highlander said...

Libyanviolet , Trabilsia and Piccolina , you are welcome !