Friday, February 25, 2011

The final showdown?

Apparently today after Friday prayers will be a decisive day! Well we will find out soon enough it's just round the corner in a couple of hours....May God protect Libya.

I don't know what the 'international community' is doing seeing how there does not seem to be any coherent response; and to be honest I'm not expecting much as they should not have to worry about another country anyway.

I've read that the UK and the US where considering a military rescue action for some of their people who may still be stranded. Not sure I'm happy about that, yes they have a right to worry about their own but not to put our life in more jeopardy because of that. I have not heard that the Chinese or the Egyptians or other countries want to storm Libya to rescue their nationals....Not sure what to think these are just ideas I'm stringing here....

I don't look forward to more sanctions on Libya, the last time around it was ordinary people like us who suffered the most. Please UN, US, EU or whoever is considering sanctions can you weigh them carefully so that you don't add to the casualties here. We really don't look forward to be counted among collateral damage....

And one final thing for those who keep saying leave, I'm saying no, this is my country, I refuse to be a refugee! A real Libyan will never run when things get unsavory.

I have this hope that in less than a week we should be OK, just need to weather this storm and all will be well inshallah!


programmer craig said...

This is what BBC was reporting a couple hours ago:

#1025: Italy is preparing a "military operation" to rescue some Italian nationals stranded in south-eastern Libya whose food supplies have run out, Defence Minister Ignazio La Russia is quoted as saying by the AFP.

I haven't heard any reports of US plans to use the military to rescue American nationals. The British already have used their military vessels to evacuate Britons but I don't think they've landed or plan to land any military personnel. As far as other countries like China or India, they don't have the capacity to mount such military expeditions and even if they did those two countries have never seemed to care very much about what happens to their citizens who are overseas.

Anyway, I'm for one hoping that all foreign nationals are safely evacuated in short order, because an atrocity committed against foreigners in Libya would be a disaster for everyone and it's one thing that can be easily avoided by just getting them out of the country.

I hope that today is a major turning point. Stay safe, H :)

Nasser Busen said...

bark Allah Feek

Anonymous said...

They're not sanctioning Libya, I think, but Gaddafi, his family & cronies!

Maya M said...

A Turkish military vessel went to evacuate Turkish nationals. I know this for sure because it evacuated also some Bulgarians, having a preliminary agreement with Bulgarian authorities about this.
(Yes, there were hundreds of Bulgarian guest workers in Libya even after the HIV trial - please don't ask me why.)
I think, Highlander, that you are a bit harsh on those ordinary Libyans who grabbed their babies and rushed to Egypt on trucks and tractors and whatever wheeled things they had. Battlefields are for combatants, I don't see anything wrong if civilians flee them.
Anyway, you seem to have nowhere to flee even if you wish to, so I just hope things get resolved soon and in the best possible way.

Anonymous said...

On a clear desert night we let go of our fear
Then take a deep breath, for Victory is near

NOMAD said...

The Brits did send special forces to rescue their Nationals

Special forces swoop on Libya to pull Britons to safety - Telegraph

7mada said...

Highlander! I thank God you are fine & well.

Deepest thoughts & prayers with you guys.

God willing all ends well.