Tuesday, February 08, 2011

RIP Gary Moore

I am very sad to learn that Gary Moore is no more and that I won't have more virtuoso guitar tricks to look forward to.

I have not listened for a while to his albums as you need to be in a special kind of mood for that but he was always one to help me cure the blues.... Maybe it's high time to revisit that driving fast with rock music on ?


saeed said...

thank you

Ellen Appleby Keim said...

How weird to have found a woman from Libya who also loved/loved Gary Moore. And I didn't even know he'd died until I read it on your blog. I originally ended up on your blog because I was looking for the meaning of "Mawled." You see, I'm a new Muslim (17 months)and it was mainly through my Libyan friends that I came to Islam. They're here in the States because they're seeking medical residencies. I love them dearly and hope some day to be able to visit Libya. So it was really neat to run into your blog. I hope you keep writing; I'll certainly be "tuning" in! Thanks.

Highlander said...

Saeed. Thanks glad to see someone care about Gary as well !

Ellen, congratulations on your conversion to Islam and welcome. Have a look at my old posts as I believe they are still interesting to read :) I will try to update more.

I wish you can visit Libya sometime soon. I understand that visas are no longer difficult.