Monday, February 14, 2011

In memory of abused children in the world!

I've had a lovely childhood which is why when I see a child being abused my blood boils and I try to reason with the parents and find out what is the cause of this... no one wants to watch as a child's spirit, body and life are being gradually destroyed in an inhumane fashion, and when the person doing this harm is someone you know then it is worse especially when the other parent is oblivious and could not care less.

Why do people who don't deserve children have kids?
How to get rid of an abusive parent without allowing them to kill the child out of spite? very dangerous situation.

All your prayers are needed folks to help me save this child.


Maya M said...

I wish you best luck in this noble endeavor! Please keep us informed, as much as privacy concerns allow.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Highlnder,

Very thought provoking and painful to read, but nonetheless it does seem to be a horrific reality around the globe. I often ponder the same question "Why do people who don't deserve children have kids?", and as of to date have not unearthed a plausible answer. :(

Highlander said...

Thanks Maya and Ibeebarbie.