Sunday, February 20, 2011


This is Dhafer posting; communication is currently spotty and Highlander has asked me to let you know the following:

(1) You are on this blog because you watch or read the news
(2) Despicable rats are jumping ship
(3) It is at times like these when you know who are your friends
(4) Tienanmen Redux ...
(5) Please follow up with those who are updating here (whenever they can) and see my sidebar links, there is a lot to digest and we have a lot on our plate.
(6) For those who care, I am currently relatively safe
(7) To the news outlet who wrote - sorry it is not possible
(8) To my people and country may you always be safe, we are one soul.
(9) Until further notice this is Highlander signing off
(10) This must feel reassuring:
"[..] I do not however conclude that Britain or America or "the west" should be blamed for what is happening now in the Middle East, or should be intervening in some way. [..]" (source:
(11) لا الله الا الله


PH said...

please post this dharfar :

ChrisinMB said...

Thanks for letting us know

Maya M said...

Thank you, Highlander and Dhafer!
You are in my thoughts.

ibeebarbie said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Zeyad said...

Wishing you and your countrymen the best

NOMAD said...

a interesting analyse here

programmer craig said...

Stay safe, dear :)

AK said...

glad to see your okay

The Owl said...

On Stopping the massacre

ChrisinMB said...

According to Saif Gaddafi Canada is partly to blame in all this. Sorry H, I had no idea we were so influential.