Sunday, May 08, 2005

Brother of Cairo bomber caught in Libya (link corrected)

The title of the Reuters article says "Suspect in Cairo bombing caught in Libya", I am not going to count him as a suspect because the Egyptian authorities are rounding up families, neighbours and friends of last week's Cairo bomber Ihab Yousri Yassin. See Egyptiansandmonkey's take on it and Magdee 's input, that is just a sample of Egyptian bloggers.

'Libyan authorities have arrested and handed over to Egypt the brother of the bomber who wounded seven people when he blew himself up with a nail bomb in Cairo about a week ago, an Egyptian newspaper reported.
Al-Ahram, quoting a senior Egyptian security source, reported in Sunday's edition that Mohammed Yousri, the brother of the bomber, had been found hiding with an Egyptian who worked as a cook in a hotel in Libya, Egypt's western neighbour.'
Full article here .
I have not seen the Al-Ahram article , the one online does not mention anything yet so maybe someone in Egypt can confirm this for me.

Whilst I deplore all the tragic attacks that occured in Egypt, I still hope that this guy won't be tortured if he is innocent, the problem is how to know if he is guilty or not before it is too late. I mean if kids have been arrested, nothing is guaranteed anymore. *sigh*.


The Sandmonkey said...

Did u notice how young he is? They won't divulge his age but from his look he doesn't even look 18, and he is the kid that scared the shit out of the egyptian authorities. LOL

God Save us all, cause the government is too busy looking like an idiot to do it!

Highlander said...

Ameen Sandmonkey, I did not know this was kid, did not notice it in the article. By the way sorry I've corrected the link glitch it should work now.