Thursday, May 26, 2005

Update on lost friendships

If you are interested to hear what happened , after my post on lost friendships , what did A. do with my email ? Here is the story. Though I'm happy that she has survived and is well, the end is not happy I guess after all. Below is a translation of part of her email, I know this is personal stuff but maybe by sharing it with the whole world I would be able to grasp what exactly happened to necessitate this response. Plus it's good therapy.

" I was wondering when would I hear from you again? After all this see, your phone call was not really a big surprise. I expected it in a way, one day..without knowing when or how, because that is the nature of things , to try to reach out again after a long silence.
But my reply has not changed.
You see our paths had crossed at a certain time, but our ideals ( ideologies?) were different, the way we saw life was different. I chose the path of wisdom, at least what I think is wisdon. While for you it was the path of action , which probably has another aspect due to your philosphy in life. That is good , that is fine. To each her belief, and to each her destiny. I am not here to judge you. I think I even understand you , even though you probably don't need my understanding . I bet that is what you will tell me [and she ends by saying] I have not forgotten the good old days. A"

I have no idea what she is talking about and I feel that this letter is full of innuendos. We were kids so what, faith and philosophy is she talking about ? our sole concerns were , if that guy or the other fancied who, pop music, films, books. Not Hegel, Marx, or Kissinger.
I thought she was pretty condescending with the 'not judge you ' and I got the impression that she purposely stopped writing maybe because she thought I did not reply to a particular letter which I have never received. If you recall we had sanctions. Any brilliant ideas out their, do you see something I don't?


Anonymous said...

I think she is too focussed on events of the past. You were both very young and very different people. Maybe you have matured more than she has. :)

AlanK said...


you could always send her a letter asking her to explain what she was talking about or simply meet up, I find talking in person or phone is much better as it helps to clear up misunderstandings

highlander said...

anon and Alan , I have some more news but I'm waiting for it to be final.

Alan : yes I agree with you phone or personal meetings are the best.