Thursday, May 12, 2005

Libyan Blogs encore , and comments section

Thank you to all those who sent me links to other Libyan blogs in the last few days :)

First of all there is the family man Bobraislibyaa , Bobrais means lizard in Libyan so I know this guy could only be a compatriot he he he. I'm glad this blog tempted you to have yours, if you've read I already commented on your first post, but I don't know what have you been up to because none of your links show now. So please put it/them back up again. 3amalt ili 3alaya !

The other is a Libyan satirical blog in Arabic, so here you are the enigmatic mindamir , you seem to be very mysterious (no profile), wish you all the best as well.

COMMENTS Sections : To all those readers who left comments on older posts, for a reply please check the relevant posts. I try my best to reply as regularly as possible. Thank you for your participation.


Anonymous said...


This is the anonymous that pointed out mindamir's and Tibra's blogs on a previous comment. To answer your question on that comment: No, neither is mine, mindamir is a mysterious guy/gal, and Tibra is a women's organization. I would have thought Tibra would interest you more, being an enlightened and seemingly-intellectual Libyan woman yourself. I am surprised, but not so much really, that you do not mention Tibra at all.

Here is a link to some stats about AIDS in Libya, and oh, the page is not mine! Libya: AIDS and Healthcare. I got all these links from libyana's forum.

The Anonymous!

highlander said...

Thanks Anonymous, you won't be surprised about Tibra as I did not know how to introduce it, it's not really a blog strictly speaking more like an organisation as you said it is soooooooo far away. so you guessed right.
hmmm let me guess are you hantuly?
thank you also for the other links. If you live in Libya maybe we know each other..

Anonymous said...

Salut Highlander,

Does it matter who I am? The message is what's important, not the messenger, n'est pas?

I am not in Libya, have not been there for nearly a decade. And to be honest, I do not miss it one little bit, but I do terribly miss my family!

About Tibra being so far away... distance is irrelevant nowadays with the blessings of the internet... say Amen! I'm not sure if Tibra has a presence in Libya, but they sure have written about women living in Libya still: Kahdija Waw (cool name!), Hamida Bin Amer, and Ibtisam Ben Amer. Furthermore, the scholarship winner is from the UK... sorry could not get the link here, needs work!

By the way, to save you more guessing, I am a Libyan gal from the US. Don't sniff in the logs too much, they don't provide much info!

Ta ta...

Same anonymous

Highlander said...

Ecoute Anonyme ( if you speak French) je savais deja que tu etais au moins on Amerique - thanks God for internet Amin ya rab - everything is possible ;)
Mais pouquoi m'avoir choisit pour divulger ton message? that is the question ? n'est-ce pas? Thanks again for the extra links yes i had read them at Tibra's. So sorry you are missing your can come back for a visit you know. Now if my sniffing is correct we might actually know each other ...loool know in Libya everybody knows everybody else...why don't you start a blog for your family ? or for yourself , you seem to me the enlightened-intellectual type woman.

khadijateri said...

The bobrais link isn't valid - can you check on it please?

Anonymous said...

Mon amie,

Je n'ai pas compris votre question, est-ce que vous pouvez expliquer, s'il vous plait? Je m'excuse, mais mon fran├žais est rouille. J'ai un blog de famille, mais les affaires de famille sont privees, n'est-ce pas? Peut-etre un jour, nous le ferons public! Ah oui, c'est vrai, je suis femme de entelligence, parmi autres choses.

Darn it! It's exahusting to think, add to that in French! hehehehe...

I have no reasons keeping me from visiting Libya, except my choice of not to do so. If I do visit, I will check you out.

The Anonymous!

highlander said...

Khadijateri, yes that's what I'm trying to tell bobrais to correct his link, he keeps changing blog names and his links become invalid in the process.