Sunday, May 29, 2005

Taqnya 2005

This is the name of this year's annual telecom and communications exposition in Libya. There are lots of business and venture opportunities in that sector and it seems many people have signed up. If I can make it I will try and visit next week.

Meanwhile , it seems we shall be soon getting broadband in our homes at affordable prices, and not just in the business sector anymore. I can hardly wait as although I am grateful for the dial up system it does have its quirks.
Internet is very popular here, and though there are supposedly only 28,000 dial up subscribers in homes, we have so many internet cafes ( who have mostly leased lines internet which is faster than dial up as you probably know) you wonder how they make profit since these lines are expensive while that prices per hour have gone down. You will find all sorts of people in these cybercafes, youth playing online games, chatting with friends, people doing research for homework, foreigners getting in touch with their families and friends, Libyan families calling their loved ones in the US and Canada ( it's cheaper than a phone call) , and even Libyan businessmen sending a quick email. It's become a part of our life - like everywhere else in the world.
Also, now I know why my line keeps disconnecting . We live 300 m from the beach folks, it is pretty humid.


Anonymous said...

Hello Highlander

Just got back from the LTT annual telecom exhibition as you may have done .... ;-)

A lots of promises but remains to see how truely they will realise.
They claim that a 256k ADSL line to the home will be around 50LD/Month. Subscription will start within a month hopefully.


Highlander said...

50LD per month for illimited broadband , it's a bit steep but hey I can network all the PCs in the houses so it may be cost effective in the end. Plus I won't have to wait all those hours for downloading stuff. Cool I'm subscribing as soon as possible. And can hardly wait for the wireless thingy as well. Thanks DM.

Anonymous said...

i m doctor from indian subcontinent, waiting to leave for Libya for working in hospital, though i dont know where i will be posted, my interviewer said as a specialist i will be postd in bigger cities,, while searching website on libya,, came with ur site, which i think pretty informative, especially rate of dial-up internet and newly-coming broadband,, thanks for the site and the write-ups,, i hope i can learn more about ur country from this site,,take care

Highlander said...

Doctor from indian subcontinent ( Bangladesh?) All the best in Libya. You will enjoy it and let me know how you do there.