Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Libya tightens rules on foreign workers

About time I say , the rules were always there, it's just that they have been taken with a bit of laxity shall we say. According to these news from an official website from now on they are supposed to be applied :

“Any one or any company who employ foreign workers must plan and coordinate their work according to the law, and they must bring their authorized papers to the Secretariat of Training and Man-Power.”
The Secretariat of Public Security said it will take appropriate legal action against anyone, even foreigners and people smugglers who violate the legislations, including a prison sentence of more than a year, and a fine of more than LYD 2000.

No offense meant to anyone...but they should not have been relaxed in the first place, as greedy entrepreneurs only abused the law to get illegal cheap immigrants or very expensive foreign 'consultants' where a European secretary could be employed as a 'computer technical specialist' ( whaaaaaaaaat? ) to bypass the law while a Libyan who could do the job just as well would not be employed ( I know the Libyan girl wants to go home and cook for her husband and not stay and work till 10 PM, but I'm sure if the company pays her the same salary as for the foreigner she would stay at work and hire a housekeeper;) ). Still I think the essence of the idea is good but the implementation leaves a bit to be desired, because the first thing that went was that the majority of the shops that employed Arab workers were closed, in the last 2 days. That means even bakerie etc.. Many Libyans do not like to do what are considered 'menial' jobs but I did notice in the last few years that they do not bulk at them anymore, except that foreign labour ( not experts) is cheaper. But I'm not sure at the rumour that "Arab md’s (medical doctors) are being thrown out of hospitals and clinics". That would be a tad too drastic, those people have valid contracts... plus who is going to man all those hospitals, unless I suspect we are going to be flooded with EU doctors. It's speculation time I guess, but I don't think this drastic approach is going to solve the rising unemployment issue.


AlanK said...


those laws sound reasonable as help protect jobs at a time when unemployment is rising

also suprised to know unemployment going up, I assumed it was falling since sanctions were ended

Michael said...

Less state control Highlander, less state control. Socialism doesn't work. All Arab countries who adopted socialism in the sixties are poor. The few ones who chose a free market econonomy are thriving.

Look at the United Arab Emirates. They seem to be doing quite well. Read the tallest skyscraper in the world is being constructed there.

Michael said...

Hi Alan. Look, I asked Tom D. to blogroll you, two times already. But he seems to be very busy. Will ask him agazin this weekend.

Highlander said...

Those laws are reasonable Alan just to regulate the presence of illegals in Libya that is all I want. I don't want having the foreign labourers because really they are needed, I just want to know they are well registered and had their health checks, because it is very scary when they start ganging up on you and pushing drugs. One day I was walking in a street and thought I was in Little Ghana or Nigeria not in Libya anymore, but I would not begrudge them their wages, just make it legal and pay the taxes. As for trying to fool the authorities by coming up with these fancy titles for expat employees in foreign companies that is what angers me, because their wages are tax free and they take a lot of money. A Libyan would be happy even with 10% of that salary and work for 24/7. Those are the ones I wish to see targeted, big firms, who needs all those secretaries with fancy names who only have to answer the phone and type some stuff, and the hordes of accontants, assistants, cleaners, porters you need to import them from Europe?

Michael, the issue is not socialism if you've read the post well, it's laws to regulate foreigners in the country, I linked it to unemployement that is all. As for the UAE, I'm sure you are aware of how much social problems there are there or do you only see the shiny skyscrapers? You don't care how the foreign labourers are treated like slaves ( read the maids etc) yes they've done well on the outside but at what cost ? not that I advocate socialism, but please don't turn my sentences the other way around. I'm glad to see you commenting, I know you are always reading ;)