Saturday, July 23, 2005

23/7 Sharm El Sheikh bombing

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Many have probably heard by now of the horrible bombings which took place in the beautiful seaside resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. The death toll has been horrific, double that of the London 7/7 while the injured are also by the hundreds. What is more terrible is that there is not enough coverage of it on western TV , and I see that lamented on several blogs, it is not enough that even the Egyptian governement is not announcing the real figure as Sandmokey says; but that the western media somehow does not see fit to show that the Egyptian count as much as the Londoners?
I must admit that some comments on the blog were heartwarming , but still that is so little from the collective brouhaha which happened with regards to London victims.

Anyway I would like to offer my condolences to the the people of Egypt and my friends , and also to the families of the tourists to. Some Egyptian bloggers spurned by Karim are going to try and hold a protest tomorrow ( see details here). This is Karim's message :

Stop complaining about others and realize your own apathy. Tomorrow the 24 of July at 5:30pm on the 6 of October bridge between Zamalek and Tahrir. There will be banners available but you are encouraged to bring your own. It should last until sunset.

This is not for foreign media. This is to send a message to elements in our own communities. We need to tell these bastards that they are not welcome here.

Wear white tee shirts

I would like to add that you don't have to be Egyptian to show solidarity with them I think , and I'm sure you will be welcomed . So if you are currently living in Egypt or visiting go to their meeting point as per the instructions and say 'No to terrorism!'. I hope someone gets a camera to record the event. I 'm not currently anywhere near Egypt but I'll be thinking about you guys !

Update: 27-7-05

Well here is the story of the protest at Sandmonkey's part I and part II ( with photos) and at Big Pharaoh's ...makes a helluva a read.


Karim Elsahy said...

Thanks for the help Highlander. Yes, cameras were arranged and ill forward pictures. There will also be signs available that read No to Terrorism in Arabic and English but numbers are limited.

Twosret said...


You just proved to us how arabs can be united and one. Thank you for all your help and for staying up late to help us out in this protest.

you are awesome!

highlander said...

Thanks Karim and Twosret, for those who know me ..wel they know exactly how I think . Hope all goes well.