Friday, July 01, 2005

'Talking to Terrorists'

For this trip to London I went to the theatre last night to watch the play 'Talking To Terrorists' .
This play has received a lot of wonderful reviews , check the BBC here and the New York Times here and a bunch of others here ; so my curiousity has been duly tickled and I booked my ticket a few days ago before arriving in London.

What could I say more than all those critics and journalists? I loved every minute of the play. Ir was fascinating to watch the actors change characters and accents each time, to the point that I was convinced they were different people and was looking for clues in their faces. The only expected aspect was the usual representation of Muslims, however I'm not taking umbrage as I can see now that this is mostly how the Asian Muslim community talks and behaves in the UK ( no offense to anyone meant, they behave rather differently than the Arabs).
All in all it was a successful night and a great idea.

Has any of you seen the play and wishes to share their thoughts about it ?


removedalready said...

I do envy you. You get to travel a lot. When do you think I'll be heading that way? ;P

AK said...

Yes Highlander you are quite lucky never get to travel as much, also any photos as well from travelling

Anonymous said...

I add my voice to those who envy your travel luxuries Highlander.
Wish I was there to see it with you.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Glad you've enjoyed so much travel of late. I've just discovered you & Teri Khadijah and am happy because I have many questions about Libya. I am not sure how blogging works but I think you can write back to me.If you have no time, could you put me in contact with someone to answer my questions? Thanks, Lenora

Eye of the Potato said...

Glad to see the White Band on your blog. Hope it's cool I give you a link on mine...

Anonymous said...

red_enclave , you will soon head my way don't worry . you're probably doing a lot of interesting things which i never did as well :)

alan , i will share any photos as soon as i can.

DM , well you are kind of travelling with me by following this blog ;)

Lenora, pls email me with your questions I'd love to help and by the way welcome here also pls enjoy Khadija as her blog is great with tons of photos.

Gmu, of course it's cool and thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for sharing your comments and sorry took a long time in replying as I had some issues to take care off.